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14011Mumbai Bird Race - last call for registration

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  • Ravi Vaidyanathan
    Jan 10, 2014
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      Dear All

      We have already reached a magic figure of more than 3/4th registrations for the Mumbai Bird Race scheduled for February 2, 2014.. and we would be closing registrations when we reach the magic figure of 250 ... with only around 50 odd seats left 

      I would definitely urge those who have not yet registered to it asap to avoid disappointment

      Please register your team of four/yourself through the registration website --> http://birdrace.dhaatu.com/
      In a marked change from previous years, in several of the BirdRace cities including Mumbai, there will not be any first three winners. It would still be a Race after all, to try and spot as many birds as possible. The net result will be that all participants will be winners and the cause of Birds, and the environment, in the urban context, will get that much more support, and awareness.
      Please visit our website www.indiabirdraces.in to register and participate in BirdRace events in other cities in India.
      Happy Birding!
      Sunjoy Monga, Ravi Vaidyanathan and Pravin Subramanian

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