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13994RE: [birdsofbombay] Kites ... Kites and more Kites.

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  • Pradnya Shenoy
    Jan 4, 2014
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      Black kites are scavangers, and can survive on any kind of food available. They have very good survival skills. No wonder then, in cities, where openly and easily available garbage is increasing day by day, due to various factors (overcrowding, poor waste management,  unhygienic ways of living....to name a few), these birds, along with house crows and dogs, would increase in population.
      That's how ecosystem keeps a balance.
      But, it would be nice to know, if there are any studies, that have estimated the growth in population of black kites.
      As winters is the breeding season for black kites, they are more commonly noticeable,  in pairs, collecting nesting material, and building nests.
      Dr. Pradnya Shenoy

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