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(no subject)

Alice Baudoin
Jul 26, 2010

(no subject)

Alice Baudoin
Jul 23, 2010


Hi all -- I vaguely remember that someone on this list had a babysitter they recommended, but I can't remember who. Can anyone recommend any babysitters in the
Hepler, Jennifer
Apr 21, 2010

To Bio-parents, regarding a Bioware daycare

If you are not a parent and do not intend to become one while working for Bioware, you can ignore this email, otherwise, please read on. Dear Bioware Parents
Hepler, Jennifer
Jul 29, 2008

Now on FaceBook

Hi ladies Just in case you didn't know, Sherley Joseph-Roy has set up a BioWomen group on FaceBook... Gill
Jun 4, 2008

Card Making - just for fun

Hello again On Feb 2nd at 2pm I'm going to be having another card making workshop. It's basically a chance to spend some time with the ladies and take home
Jan 25, 2008

Re: All Quiet on the BioWomen front

sorry guys. Haven't checked in a while and the day I check is the day I already have plans. :-( Hopefully I can join you next time. ... let ... at ... Biomoms
Lisa Scriver
Jan 13, 2008

REMINDER: Teatime Tomorrow

What: BioWomen Teatime When: Saturday, January 12, 2 PM Where: Bogani's Cafe, 2023 111 St. http://www.edmontondining.com/boganicafe Why: We're past due for a
Jan 11, 2008

Re: All Quiet on the BioWomen front

Hi, going to have to cancel, now have a date with my hubby. Please let me know when the next one is. Alana xx
Ric, Alana, Kai and Zoe
Jan 10, 2008

Saturday tea

Hi, all - The "tea on the 12th" thread is getting long, so I'm sending a new one to confirm that I (and possibly Gavin) look forward to seeing everyone who's
Karin Weekes
Jan 9, 2008

Re: All Quiet on the BioWomen front

Hope you ladies have fun! I can't make it as I have a friend flying in Saturday, but would love to meet up if you do it again. Michelle ... road. ... On Behalf
Jan 9, 2008

Re: All Quiet on the BioWomen front

silly me - show's you I'm still not 'local' and it's just up the road. OK, anyone from below 23rd want a lift.? G _____ From: biowomen@yahoogroups.com
Gill Knuckey
Jan 8, 2008

Re: All Quiet on the BioWomen front

Gill, since the cafe is down Southside, there's no point you coming up here to get me. I can get a lift with Cookie if that's OK Cookie?? I'm just south of
McKearney, Jenny
Jan 8, 2008

Re: All Quiet on the BioWomen front

I'm also willing to carpool. I live in the neighborhood behind Southgate Mall, so I can pick up anyone who lives near and around there. Cookie ... On Behalf
Jan 8, 2008

Re: All Quiet on the BioWomen front

Jenny - I can pick up you and Michelle if you want. G ... From: biowomen@yahoogroups.com [mailto:biowomen@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of McKearney, Jenny Sent:
Gill Knuckey
Jan 7, 2008
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