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Hi from JT Velikovsky, and - a scientific prediction

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  • JT Velikovsky
    Hello All, I just wanted to formally introduce myself - and also, to make known, a scientific prediction I m making. So: I m JT Velikovsky, and I m a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2013
      Hello All,

      I just wanted to formally introduce myself - and also, to make known, a scientific prediction I'm making.

      So: I'm JT Velikovsky, and I'm a filmmaker, writer, game designer, and a doctoral candidate in Film/Screenwriting/Transmedia at the University of Western Sydney.
      I recently discovered Literary Darwinism, and so, am glad - and grateful - to be in this (yahoo) group.

      I believe my research sits within Literary Darwinism, as - I believe my study of the Top 20 RoI (Return On Investment) films reveals, that all share 3 common Themes:
      (1) Survival (Life & Death), (2) Family & Community (Reproduction) - and (3) Retributive Justice (i.e. I am also calling it: `Revenge').
      This appears to fit with various findings by other scholars and researchers in the field (in Biopoetics/Bio-Culturalism/Literary Darwinism). For e.g.: Graphing Jane Austen.

      - If this research is of interest, a blog-post about my ongoing doctoral research is here: (a summary of my recent entry in the `3 Minute thesis' competition)
      And - if you get a chance to read that post, you will note, I'm also predicting: the next `Top 20 RoI Film' will emerge in January 2014.

      The reason for that (scientific) prediction is - I've discovered that `Top 20 RoI Films' emerge every 2.05 years on average, and the last one was in Jan 2012 (ie a film called The Devil Inside).
      So, the new film - whatever it is, and whenever it appears (and the past evidence suggests - most likely, in: Jan 2014) should appear, online, in this list, here:
      (i.e. In the 4th list down, `Most Profitable Movies, Based on Return on Investment' - which is the primary data-set of my doctoral study)
      And of course, the new film could appear earlier - or later - than Jan 2014, in which case, I will use Bayes' Theorem.
      (ie - Correcting the predictive specifics of a scientific theory, based on, new data/evidence.)

      So far, I have found about 30 common patterns in the Top 20 RoI films, (or most `viral' films in the culture) and - so far the best (most logical and convincing) explanation for `Why They Are There' is: Evolutionary Psychology/Literary Darwinism (i.e. a consilient bio-cultural explanation).
      I am also a great believer in Consilience (a la EO Wilson); I believe Science and the Arts/Humanities have a lot to offer each other.

      And - if anyone has any suggestions/thoughts/comments/feedback on my research (ie - perhaps, good articles for me to read, etc), I'd be very grateful.
      (I am currently halfway through my 3-year doctoral research project, on these 20 films. And, am currently reading as much Literary Darwinism as I can.)



      PS - My thanks again to Prof. Joseph Carroll, for suggestions/leads on good books to read, on Film & Literary Darwinism.

      PPS - More on my research, here, if it's of interest: http://storyality.wordpress.com/

      PPPS - Interesting UCLA article I just saw today: How the brain creates the 'buzz' that helps ideas spread

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