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Call for papers: 'The Evolutionary Review'

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  • Alice Andrews
    Hi all (with sincere apologies for cross-posting), I m writing to solicit papers for a book I m editing (to be published by SUNY Press) called The Evolutionary
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      Hi all (with sincere apologies for cross-posting),

      I'm writing to solicit papers for a book I'm editing (to be published by SUNY Press) called The Evolutionary Review. TER will be a volume of essays and articles which reviews art, science, and culture through an evolutionary lens. If SUNY Press deems the book project a success, we will go forward with a journal (subscriptions and bookstores). Think The New York Review of Books, but wider in scope--and evolutionary.

      For the book, my hope is that each review or article will serve as a classic on the subject -- that the book will be used in college classrooms across disciplines, as well as stand on its own generally, and be interesting to the educated lay reader and our colleagues!

       As an evolutionist just replied to me about the whole project: "Mulling it over, I can easily imagine that it will fill a currently empty niche, and thus, grow and thrive." But in order for that to happen, the book needs to be really good! I hope you'll consider contributing!
      If you would like to contribute to the book, please send in your abstract or idea by March 31; the final article/chapter is due on or before July 30, 2009.

      Contributors to the first edited volume (book) are invited to use an evolutionary lens on the following areas (but feel free to go beyond these areas):

      Films and Theater -- reviews of films and theater with an evolutionary psychological lens/perspective;

      Books -- reviews of fiction and nonfiction; fiction reviewed via Darwinian literary criticism, but also reviews of books related to evolution, evolutionary theory, and EP;

      Visual Art and Dance -- museum exhibits, sculptures, paintings, dance performances, etc.;



      Evolutionary themes:

      -- analysis of theories, etc. (Most likely review of books/journal articles, lectures, etc.)

      *I am specifically looking for an evolutionary analysis of Facebook!

      Below is the mission statement and journal Ed Board...

      Hope to hear from you...
      All my best,
      NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society Council Member-at-large.
      SUNY/New Paltz Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) Executive Committee.
      EvoS: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium Editorial Board.
      Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology Editorial Board.
      Mission Statement:
      The aim of The Evolutionary Review: Art, Science, & Culture is to provide an unprecedented forum for evolutionary analyses and critiques of the many fields within art, science, and culture. Using an evolutionary lens to look at cultural products -- film, fiction, theater, visual art, music and dance; as well as the sociopolitical-environmental realm, The Evolutionary Review hopes to add to our understanding of the world, ourselves, and human nature in a way that brings us one step closer to E.O. Wilson's consilience. The Evolutionary Review also publishes reviews of scientific theories -- books, articles, and lectures related to evolution, evolutionary theory, evolutionary psychology, and other hard sciences. The fact that evolutionary theory is still under attack in the U.S. and abroad is even more reason to begin to share with a large audience this particular and vital world view.

      The editorial board for the journalthus far, includes:

      Alice Andrews; Simon Baron-Cohen; Joseph Carroll; Dylan Evans; Helen Fisher; Glenn Geher; Tim Horvath; Daniel Kruger; Jeff Miller; Steven Peterson; Steven Pinker; Daniel Rancour-Laferriere; David Livingstone Smith; Murray Smith; H.D. Steklis; Griet Vandermassen; and David Sloan Wilson.

      Alice Andrews
      State University of New York at New Paltz
      Department of Psychology  JFT 316
      600 Hawk Drive
      New Paltz, NY 12561-2440
      voicemail: (845) 257.2374
      Office hrs: Fridays 11:00-12:15 & 3:00-3:45; and by appointment.
      Wooster Science Bldg. 212
      Entelechy: Mind & Culture, publisher/editor
      h (845) 256.1127
      c (845) 532.7847
      Help ban pesticides in Ulster County, NY!

      "Man will become better when you show him what he is like."   - Anton Chekhov
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