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922Re: No market for English majors?

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  • tintner michael
    Dec 27, 2013
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      V. interesting responses.

      My own view is that both rhetoric and certainly linguistics should probably be reframed as the study of "real world reasoning" - in contradistinction to logic and maths (and by extension present computation)- wh. have dominated our culture's metacognitive ideas of intelligence for the last 2500 years.They are "artificial/abstract world reasoning".

      To study rhetoric or linguistics in isolation is to study terms/names and their interrelation, in isolation from the real world objects they designate - to study "language" as "grammar", for example, when it should principally be studied as a real world inventory and ways of connecting real world objects.

      "Real world reasoning"  is an increasing concern for modern logicians and computer people - although there's a contradiction there - logic is abstract and incapable of true real world reasoning.

      Does "real world reasoning" feature at all in the study of modern rhetoric?
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