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  • syntiment
    Dec 26, 2013
      Yes, it's ironic from the standpoint of what's truly worthwhile in the humanities (the actual meanings behind what's written) that the least important specialization--the one that's much less than "stale," which is only a time-bound flaw of fashion; the one that's been shown to be the most fundamentally empty for the longest period, from Socrates forward: the "knack" of identifying speech patterns but not their use, value, or veracity--now has the highest marketability.

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      The market depends entirely on specialty and 'marketability.' Literature is generally stale, and has been for decades. On the other hand, rhet/comp specialists within the English department have a bull market, especially digital humanities types. Also hot, the rhetorics of science and technology, writing program administration, and cross-cultural/multilingual rhetorics.

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