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  • Bill Benzon
    Dec 14, 2013
      Anyone who's not read Koestler probably should.

      On Dec 14, 2013, at 11:56 AM, tintner michael wrote:


      JT: ideas can sometimes generate some actions too. Why not.
      But - many ideas don't generate any actions at all:
      eg Here is an idea: "a big fat nothing."
      What actions did it generate?
      (Answer: a big fat nothing)

      This is definitely worth comment. All concepts/ideas demand the action of envisaging them simply to understand them. You can put "draw" in front of every concept to remind you.

      So even when you think they're referring to "inaction" or "the opposite of action" or "a big fat nothing", they still demand the action of envisaging them "in the mind's eye" - wh. need not be conscious.  A fat nothing" can be envisaged as a zero with a paunch (wh. may well be the origin of the phrase) or a fat guy with a zero-shaped head ... or an infinity of other visual/sensory interpretations. And so on for every concept in the language.

      P.S. It occurs to me JT that you have a predilection for outdated losers or nth-runs. No one, I think, is really interested any more in memetics or Koestler and holons  (although you & I & a few true connoisseurs still appreciate him) or even really Csikszentmihalyi on creativity (as *distinct* from Flow).

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