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906Re: Revolution - and: a Science of Memetic Culturology

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  • tintner michael
    Dec 13 4:24 AM
      Oh jeez, JT, your heart is in a good place here, but your mind is confused.

      Ideas are indeed incredibly important, but they are fundamentally different from, and the OPPOSITE of programs/algos AND memes as defined by memetics.

      Ideas are general, soft and capable of infinite interpretations:

      whereas programs/algos/formulae and memes are specific, hard and meant to have only one "interpretation"/execution at any given point.

      What I suggest you need to do now is stop general theorising for a while and do some detailed studies of the transmission of particular kinds of ideas -

      take a particular concept - any word in the language - and look at how its meanings/scope of reference have changed over centuries

      take a law of a society -   and look how its interpretations have changed over time

      take a classic story - like Romeo and Juliet - and look at how its interpretations by different authors have changed, and how the reinterpretations of just one particular interpretation like Shakespeare's Romeo & J, have changed. ,

      Do that and your ideas about ideas will change radically.

      Ideas (not algos) generate human actions both individually and socially - and creativity. But it is their *openness to interpretation* that makes them so powerful.

      Their study - my first thought - really belongs to semiotics.   The dramatic and narrative arts OTOH, scientifically, are mainly complementary to the social sciences, incl. psychology and sociology. I have yet to see a serious argument that they have anything much to do with evolutionary science at all - their timespan is much too short.

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