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863Of Paradigms and how the Arts Evolve

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  • tintner michael
    Aug 30, 2013
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      Joe thinks there is an algo and therefore a pattern to art (and creativity) - and therefore a pattern apparently to how the arts *evolve*  The arts most certainly do evolve continuously. Creators evolve them -continuously transform their genres in ways both large and small. (It's hard to see how anything could be of much more importance, Jeff, to people who claim to be interested in evolution and art).

      So let's look at a simple example of evolution of the popular arts. (Joe will no doubt to be able to predict the NEXT evolutionary step in this genre. I have put one next step in my P.S. - movies being "formulaic", he should have no problem predicting it before he reads on). 

      Shark movies. Or we can make that "Water Monster Movies," if anyone prefers.

      This is a particularly interesting genre because it does involve a kind of "Natural Selection", or more precisely "Artificial Natural Creation". (Darwin was actually inspired by this - by *humans*/breeders artificially evolving/creating natural species).

      The following is not meant to be historically accurate/precise - just to give a sense of the kind of evolutionary steps taken so far.

      If we start with Jaws, plain old sea shark, some of the evolutionary steps taken since in movies have been:

      Creature   - amphibious shark-like monster
      Sand Shark
      Snow Shark
      Mega Shark (Megalodon)
      Red Water - freshwater shark
      Ghost Shark

      and I'd add


      to the genre.

      And no doubt there are more

      Ditto different genres of monster movie evolve.

      Ditto all genres evolve.   Austen to Brontes to say Miller's Daisy Miller involved an evolution of love stories - and how lovers behaved, (as distinct from biological evolution) - just as modern love stories show the latest evolutions of romantic  behaviour.

      In all, the paradigm is always changed  - serious, cultural creativity is always "transformational" in modern psychological parlance - it transforms the existing paradigm. And "nobody knows anything" because nobody can predict the next transformation with any confidence, or if presented with a new transformation, predict whether it will work -whether audiences and critics will select it.

      P.S.  The next evolutionary step in shark movies wh. Joe will have predicted already, is 

      Hamlet the Shark

      "to bite or not to bite" - the story of a shark agonising whether to hunt down the human shark hunter who killed his father.

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