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859Re: " plot structures - and ARTISTIC PARADIGMS

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  • tintner michael
    Aug 29, 2013
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      Now I see why you are involved with Singularitarians.
      There is no answer or central formula for any work of art or genre of movies. That way madness lies.
      The other great "book" on art (and counterthesis)  is by Wm. Goldman:
      "Nobody knows anything."  That's it
      What you and we should all here be considering is not so much artistic formulae or algorithms, which do not exist, but, of course, ARTISTIC PARADIGMS which certainly do - and are fundamentally different from the former, being by comparison only the vaguest of outlines. 
      I think in fairness to Joe Carroll, evo-lit does present some kind of paradigm of literary criticism, as he explicitly claims, although it's not just me, but others incl  Boyd, who are confused by it.
      Clearly the arts, as well as the sciences, are influenced by paradigms.
      But the interesting thing, it seems to me,from googling:
      is that while there is a fair amount of talk about artistic paradigms in general, there is little definition of any in particular  But this is something I have just begun to consider.
      Would anyone care to outline one or a few, or discuss?
      P.S: [Just for Joe]: The Fibonacci series is actually a pattern rather than an algo - it can be *produced* by an algo. Write out an algo for the Fibonacci series, then compare it with the kind of "verbal formulae" you have advanced in your posts. You will notice some very, very fundamental semiotic and structural differences.
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