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858Re: "Lack of feedback" - LD on plot structures

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  • tintner michael
    Aug 29, 2013
      BB:Well then, don't talk about how you can do all this. Pick an example and actually do it. Go through the film frame-by-frame and see what's there. And figure out how to describe it. That would be far more useful than having abstract arguments over algorithms and such.
      This is absurdly negative. Forums are for exchange and development of ideas, not fully worked out books. You've actually agreed that deeper structural analysis is needed - and you won't be able to fault my start on love stories. So either comment constructively or add your own Fantasia etc ideas, wh. would no doubt be mutually productive. (Please don't tell me/others to read/search your blogs - life is short).
      As for algos, they are in fact extremely important. Cognitive science is based on an algo view of life - and esp. of language, wh. is of central interest to you.  Language and the arts are v. demonstrably non-algorithmic, but creative. You can't put three words together algorithmically, because those words will have infinite referents, and infinite combinations in terms of referents. And unbeknownst to  JTV, computer linguistics has utterly failed here. (You certainly can't put a scene, or a series of scenes together algorithmically).  So for you to write about the adaptivity of language as you do, without being prepared to consider its [non-]algorithmicity/formulaicity/compositionality is absurd. *
      We are talking about two fundamentally opposed paradigms here. You can't discuss the scientific value of the arts, to which people here are committed, without considering these matters. But I won't press this more. 
      P.S. *Arguably, a concept [in language] is a mini-script - as Barsalou might agree.
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