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737Evolution, Literature and Film: Summer School in Denmark

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  • Mathias Clasen
    Dec 15, 2010
      In July 2011, Aarhus University is offering a unique Summer School course on "Evolution, Literature and Film." The course, which is aimed mainly at grad (MA) students, is an intensive four-week full-time course taught by Professor Joseph Carroll of UMSL. The final week consists of essay writing, which will constitute the exam for the course. It's an extremely interesting course and a pretty exclusive opportunity to be taught by the Godfather of Literary Darwinism on this fascinating subject. It's exactly what I was dreaming of when I was an MA student myself. I really see no point in trying to curb my enthusiasm here.

      The university's International Centre helps with accommodation, etc. Read more about the university here. Also, Aarhus is very nice in the summer.

      Hurry, though, seats are limited! See more at www.au.dk/summeruniversity, here and a course description here. Don't hesitate to send questions to me, either at this address or engmc@.... And please feel free to forward this mail to friends, colleagues, students, anybody who might be interested.


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      MA, PhD student, Department of Language, Literature and Culture, Aarhus University

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