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  • William Benzon
    Mar 2, 2006
      Re: [biopoet] Re:Dennett

      on 3/2/06 7:21 AM, Joseph Carroll at jcarroll@... wrote:

      "It seems that many literary texts are about love and the origins of man; rich pickings, no? It seems strange that these two themes are the least examnined, but poetienally yeid the greatest fruits. Why are they so seldomi examined, is becuase its old news and i am behind the times?"

                  Actually "love" and family relations are among the most frequent themes in Darwinian literary criticism.  Here below are a couple of paragraphs surveying some of this literature (
      Adaptationist Literary Study: An Introductory Guide,” Ometeca 10 (2006): 18-31)..  If anyone wishes for more particulars on any of the citations, let me know and I'll send them along.
                  One of the most prominent topics in evolutionary psychology is mate-selection strategy.  As it happens, that is also one of the most prominent subjects or themes in literature.  Love stories, in one form or another, probably form a preponderance of all narratives.  (There is an opportunity here for a set of quantitative studies on the actual proportions of such topics in folk tales and in world literature, with an eye to differences in proportion in different cultural ecologies.)  

      One might start with Patrick Hogan’s The Mind and It’s Stories. Hogan has no quantitative methodology but has read widely in many literatures, including collections of oral tales, and finds that love stories are the most frequent type of story. He even hazards informal estimates of percentage, but those cannot be taken seriously, nor do I think he intends us to.

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