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Sun Biofuels PLC - Thousands of Tanzanian peasants to be displaced for biofuel farm

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  • Andrew Boswell
    http://www.afriquenligne.fr/news/daily_news/thousands_of_tanzanian_peasants_ to_be_displaced_for_biofuel_farm_200708125667/ Thousands of Tanzanian peasants to
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      Thousands of Tanzanian peasants to be displaced for biofuel farm




      Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) A British firm, Sun Biofuels PLC, has been given the go ahead by the authorities in Tanzania to embark on a massive multimillion dollar biofuel project that will involve the displacement of thousands of peasants in the Kisarawe district of the Coast Region for the 9,000 hectares of land needed by the foreign investor, APA learnt Sunday.

      "The process of acquiring land for the project is at an advanced stage and only awaiting President Jakaya Kikwete’s formal approval, a total of 11 villages will be cleared," the Kisarawe district land officer, Leo Rwegasira, stated.

      He told APA that about US$ 632,411.067 will be paid to a total of 2,840 households as compensation.

      The investment is expected directly or indirectly to employ about 1,000 local people for a start.

      Estimated to cost about US$ 20million, the agro-processing project will entail large scale planting of jatropha oil seeds.

      According to the 2002 population census, the households in the area had a total of 11,277 people residing in the 11 villages.

      The Kisarawe District Council Chairman, Omar Dibibi, said the Jatropha biofuel project would catalyse the district’s economy and give Kisarawe residents a new cash crop.

      The investment is expected to employ directly or indirectly over 1000 local people for the start, a figure that could rise as the project expands.

      Experts say that while jatropha curcas seeds can be used as fuel for any diesel engine without modification, they are also used in manufacturing of varnishes, illuminants, soap, pest control and medicine for skin diseases.

      But according to a recent study entitled " Prospects for Jatropha Biofuels in Developing Countries: An Analysis for Tanzania with Strategic Niche Management" (http://fp.tm.tue.nl/ecis/Working%20Papers/Ecis%20wp151.pdf ) there are many obstacles in Tanzania ’s energy regime that could impede the emerging transition towards jatropha.



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