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Important update on email alert re biofuel power stations in Bristol + Portland

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  • Almuth
    On Friday, we posted an email alert directed at W4B Renewable Energy s new owners, Peak Gen. Those of you who took part in the alert that day may have
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2012
      On Friday, we posted an email alert directed at W4B Renewable Energy's new owners, Peak Gen.  Those of you who took part in the alert that day may have received a message from Peak Gen's CEO, Mark Draper, implying that he and Peak Gen are not associated with biofuel power station developments in Portland and Bristol.  Following his response, we decided to temporarily suspend the alert so as to carry out more thorough searches of Company House records.  Based on what those records show, we have decided to re-launch the alert directed at Peak Gen, with a few amendments and clarifications: www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/2012/peakgen-alert/

      We have also put together full background information about Peak Gen's relationship with W4B and why we believe they must come clear about their past, current and planned interests in W4B biofuel plans and publicly disown the power station plans for Bristol and Portland.  This includes our full response to Mr Draper's claims (for that background see  www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/2012/peakgen-background/)

      While the set-up and ownership of the different W4B and Peak Gen companies is both complicated and to some extent still obscure, it is clear that W4B Renewable Energy Ltd, who are now  fully owned by Peak Gen, was the first of all the four currently existing W4B companies and that this is the company which obtained the planning permission for a biofuel power station in Portland.  It is true that the Bristol planning application was applied for by a legally separate company called W4B Bristol Ltd (at that time using the same registered address as the other W4B companies), however planning permissions are not legally linked to a company, they are linked to a site.  Furthermore, account statements show  transactions between W4B Renewable Energy Ltd and other W4B companies since Peak Gen acquired the former.

      We would therefore ask people to take part in our amended email alert: www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/2012/peakgen-alert/.

      Please note that if you already took part in the email action on  Friday, our software may not allow you to do so again, however you can still send emails directly to the addressees listed on our webpage.  Many thanks.
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