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Biopact: Who really runs that website?

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  • almuthbernstinguk
    Ever wondered who s behind this widely quoted and highly professional website: www.biopact.com? Okay, in brief, if you don t want to work through all those
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      Ever wondered who's behind this widely quoted and highly professional
      website: www.biopact.com?

      Okay, in brief, if you don't want to work through all those different
      urls and all the evidence: This website, allegedly run by volunteers
      who try to bring together citizens of Europe and Africa, is actually
      run by Equator Energies, a company aiming to become the 'leading
      biofuel consulting company'.

      If you look at the 'about us' page on the website, it states:

      "The Biopact is a Brussels-based connective of European and African
      citizens who strive towards the establishment of a mutually
      beneficial 'energy relationship' based on biofuels and bioenergy (see
      our goals). For the time being, Biopact is an entirely volunteer
      effort, but the young organisation is working towards formalisation
      under a non-profit structure because of growing interest in its
      activities and its vision."

      The website domain is registered by a Lour or Laurens Rademaker, of
      Leo Dartelaan 20, 3001 Hervelee, Belgium. See here:
      http://www.serversnap.com/whoistool.php .

      If you look here: http://www.isf.lilik.it/files/jatropha/jes.pdf, you
      will find out that this Laurens Rademaker has been working for
      Equator Energies, registered at the same adress.

      When I did a search for Equator Energies on the Biopact website, I
      came up with one reference:

      nothing to suggest that the two are linked.

      But see here: http://equatorenergy.com/aboutus.html . Yes, it's
      exactly the same address. (check 'contact' on the website).

      Here is how Equator Energies describe themselves:

      "Equator Energy is a Brussels based start-up consultancy company
      servicing investors who are entering the rapidly growing global
      biofuels market.

      The company is uniquely positioned in the sector because it is the
      first to focus on the most promising market for the large-scale
      production of biofuels feedstocks, namely the tropical and sub-
      tropical agro-ecological zones, which offer tremendous investment
      opportunities and which are endowed with vast untapped natural and
      social resources.

      Moreover, Equator Energy brings together a variety of specific
      competences which are needed to guarantee successful access to these
      resources, and which are crucial to the implementation of durable
      biofuels projects: science and engineering capacities are combined
      with social science and investment consultancy skills. This unique
      blend makes Equator Energy an ideal mediator between investors and
      local resources in the biofuels sector in the tropics.

      Equator Energy is determined to become the leading biofuels
      consulting company. Given its unique market position, the company is
      well on its way to achieving its primary objectives."

      Well, I'm not surprised they can afford to run such a professional

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