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Fwd: Your invitation to read International Innovation

... From: International Innovation < International-Innovation@...> Date: Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 3:32 AM Subject: Your invitation to read
Erich Knight
1:05 AM

Re: [soil-age] The role of burning vegetation, biochar, soil carbon

Will do Tom, Nitrogen ain't free, however with the biota by your side you can keep half of it from escaping. The small amount of N retained in chars is nothing
Erich Knight
Apr 26

Char Art,... Pb Mitigation in Rice,... Bio-Oil Stabilization Catalys

Hi Char & Soils, *Char Art,...* *Storm King Art Center Presents Large-Scale Biochar Installation by Luke Stettner*
Erich Knight
Apr 26

Re: The effect of Biochar on Glyphosate?

Hi Eric, Roundup enabled No Till is an interesting statement. I saw something similar in a UN Climate Smart Agriculture document that I can't locate at the
Paul McCullough
Apr 24

How Can Forest Residues Be Converted to Biochar ?

Cost and logistics continue to be a challenge for converting forest residues to biochar. How can forest residues be converted and applied, and how can we do it
Tom Miles
Apr 23

Fwd: USDA’s Building Blocks for Climate Smart Agriculture & Forest

Climate Smart Ag Cheers, Erich ... From: Debbie Reed Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 10:28 AM Subject: USDA’s Building Blocks for
Erich Knight
Apr 23

Re: The effect of Biochar on Glyphosate?

Hi Geoff, My understand is that biochar will tend to adsorb glyphosate when it's present in water or the soil using a fairly weak pi-to-pi bond interaction
Erin Rasmussen
Apr 23

Re: The effect of Biochar on Glyphosate?

Yes I can understand that different folk have different opinions, although I wasn’t impressed with Michael Spectres definition of the precautionary principle
Geoff Thomas
Apr 23

Re: The effect of Biochar on Glyphosate?

Roundup enabled No-Till practices has kept a lot of soil from the Mississippi Delta. *Roundup and Risk Assessment*
Erich Knight
Apr 23

Re: The effect of Biochar on Glyphosate?

Hi Has anyone any info on what happens between charcoal or Biochar and Glyphosate? I have always kept any food growing areas free from Glyphosate, only
Geoff Thomas
Apr 22

Fwd: A Call for Climate Action

Philanthropic Cheers, in my comment, I suggested to the Packard & Hewlettt Foundation that* Clean Biomass cooking is no small thing.* *That they should support
Erich Knight
Apr 22

Re: a memorial service with biochar

Thanks Ron. I don't write to the [biochar] lists very often these days, but I do read some of the messages that get sent here... I was also heartened by the
Lloyd Helferty
Apr 22

a memorial service with biochar

Lists: I just returned from a tree-planting event to a young girl who died from Tay-SachÆs (incurable) disease about 20 years ago. Why mention this? (and
Ronal W. Larson
Apr 22

Fwd: Media Advisory: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, White House

National Climate Strategy; "*Building Blocks for Climate Smart Agriculture & Forestry*". Cheers, Erich ... From: Debbie Reed Date:
Erich Knight
Apr 22

Re: [soil-age] [biochar] [biochar-policy] Fwd: Biochar Reality Check

... Paul Doc / Dr TLUD / Prof. Paul S. Anderson, PhD Email: psanders@... Skype: paultlud Phone: +1-309-452-7072 Website: www.drtlud.com On
Paul Anderson
Apr 21
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