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Stormwater Award,.. Bioprecipitation Rainfall Maps,.. Gasification,.

Dear Char & Soils folks, Biochar's affinity for heavy metals, a natural for increased regulations on stormwater.; 92% less zinc, 81.3% less copper; *Stormwater
Erich Knight
11:58 PM

Re: Video alert

Thanks Ron, I saw this webinar By Spokas & McGolden when it aired 7/17/15. Spokas gave a great history of Biochar research, mentioning folks I was unaware of,
Erich Knight
Jul 30

Video alert

List I just found this set of recent biochar videos. Quite good set. Apologies if this is not new information.
Ronal W. Larson
Jul 30

FREE Biochar Webinar for F&B industry professionals

Hello all - Thayer Tomlinson, IBI Communications Director, and I will be hosting a free one hour webinar on September 17th at 12pm EST for sustainability
Jul 29

Biochar Growing Media ,.. To embrace AGW.,.. Freja Ecosystem,.. Medi

Dear Char & Soils, *Biochar Growing Media ,..* Relevant to the peat moss discussion; *The effect of paper sludge and biochar addition on brown peat and coir
Erich Knight
Jul 28

Re: [soil-age] Re: Biobased (economy) Assistance Program... Hansen's

Dear Brian et al, Since I have cced or Bcced many government folks and Dr. Hansen, let's do the simplest, Conservative Soil Carbon Sequestration numbers; Ag
Erich Knight
Jul 23

Biobased (economy) Assistance Program... Hansen's 'Apocalyptic' Clim

Dear Biochar & Soils Enthusiast, Vilsack is announcing The *Biobased assistance program expansion* *Renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing
Erich Knight
Jul 21

Re: [soil-age] Hansen finally gets the need to increase soil carbon,

I have no problem with Jim Hansen advocating nuclear power. It will ease the base load transition to low carbon power. We need "Capitalism" working with us,
Erich Knight
Jul 21

Fwd: [SeBIG] ATP's CRBBP Process - Will Biochar Enhance the Results?

Dear Soils & Biochar, Cheers to Joseph, For putting together a system which kills many problem birds with a single biochar stone. Erich ... From: Joseph J.
Erich Knight
Jul 21
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Soil Aggregates,..Small Business Vouchers

Dear Soil & Biochar folks, *Soil Aggregates,..* Looking at soil in its intact forms. *A tale of two (soil) cities*
Erich Knight
Jul 19

Re: Interesting video

Hi Jock---enjoyed the video and have always been sentimental about Vt.. On charring materials, I always look at grass as one bite away from becoming meat and
Dick Gallien
Jul 19

Interesting video

Stoves and Biochar Lists (with apologies for cross posting) For those on these two lists interested in education, I recommend this 28 minute video (can skip
Ronal W. Larson
Jul 19

Re: [soil-age] soybeans

Nikolaus and list: We need more like this. Any way to show the separate effects of the biochar and the salicylic acid? And the above ground impact? Ron
Ronal W. Larson
Jul 17

Re: [soil-age] soybeans

Hi Here some soy root photos with and without Char/salicylic acid. Difference in average : normal soil between 60 to 70 nodules / root with salicylic acid up
    Nikolaus Foidl
    Jul 17
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    Re: [soil-age] soybeans

    I'm a bit confused with these Soybean photos. It appears this soy is in rotation with Wheat or Rye, will photos of the soy which are in rotation with JR's corn
      Erich Knight
      Jul 17
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