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Biochar Special Issue;..., Cap and Trade in CA,... Carbon Footprint Labeling,...

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  • Erich Knight
    Hi Policy , Soils & several bcced researchers,* Virtual Special Issue on Biochar;* 29 papers Compiled by: *Richard Burns, The University of Queensland,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2012
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      Hi Policy ,  Soils & several bcced researchers,

      Virtual Special Issue on Biochar;

      29 papers Compiled by: Richard Burns, The University of Queensland, Australia and Karl Ritz, Cranfield University, UK

      "We hope that collating these publications under one virtual roof will stimulate informed debate and accelerate the arrival at a consensus regarding whether biochar is an important addition to our much-needed agricultural armoury or a passing trend with no lasting value or consequences for environmental management."


       Biochar Cap and Trade in CA,

       SBI Advocates Cap and Trade Investments in Biochar for Agriculture

      In a recent letter to Assemblymembers Perez, Blumenfield, Gordon and Feuntes and Senators Steinberg, Leno, Simitian and Kehoe, initiated by CalCAN, the California Climate and Agriculture Network, the Sonoma Biochar Initiative (SBI) urged that biochar, a climate response tool and a material to benefit agriculture, be considered for investment under the cap-and-trade fee revenue that help meet the objectives of AB 32 climate response law.  SBI strongly supports investing a portion of the fee revenues in agricultural activities that reduce GHG emissions and actively sequester carbon.  Such investments in our communities can create jobs and spur innovation.



      Carbon Footprint Labelling,...

      Insight: do customers understand a product's carbon footprint?

      A "carbon label", a tag summarising the carbon emissions generated by the full life cycle of a product (sometimes referred to as its carbon footprint), is seen as an effective way to raise awareness of climate change, and so help change lifestyles and consumer behaviour. The UK government launched its carbon-labelling programme in 2007; now more than 1100 everyday products have been carbon-labelled.



      Abstract Accepted & Go-in to Sonoma,
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