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Fw: Stop Trying To Fix People

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      Subject: Stop Trying To Fix People


      Stop Trying To Fix People
      You know what our monstrous mistake is?
      We try to fix the people in our life.
      Oh, I see it everywhere.
      Everywhere I go, I see people complain about the people in their life.
      Wives complain about their husbands.
      “Bo, please talk to my husband. He eats too much.”
      “Bo, can you help me? My husband watches too much TV.”
      One frustrated wife told me, “Bo, please advice my husband. He doesn’t have a one romantic bone in his body. Last year, he gave me a bar of soap for Valentines Day. The brand? Mr. Clean.”
      But husbands complain about their wives too.
      “Bo, please talk to my wife. She’s gastadora.”
      “Bo, help me with my wife. My wife is always hysterical and historical. She remembers all my past mistakes, including date, time, and place.”
      One husband told me, “My wife is so talkative. If the universe paid 1 centavo for every word she said, I’ll be the richest man in the world today.”
      Another man said, “My wife is always angry. When she’s angry, she causes global warming and the melting of the ice caps in the North Pole.”
      Parents complain about their kids too.
      “My kids are too messy.”
      “My kids can’t focus on their studies.”
      One mother said, “My kids are so lazy. If given a chance, they’ll ask someone to breathe for them.”
      And everywhere I go, I also hear many kids ask me to fix their parents.
      “My parents are too strict.”
      “My parents are too corny.”
      “My parents are too kuripot.”
      One girl told me, “They allow me to swim only if I wear a long gown.”
      All over the world, people want to fix people.
      Let me tell you why…
      (To continue reading Bo's inspiring article, click here.)
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