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"Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up on Me"

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    Links at the bottom! Enjoy! Brenda... bjww49 ... Solomon Burke - Don t Give Up on Me Solomon Burke - Don t Give Up on Me 01. Don t Give Up On Me 02. Fast
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      Links at the bottom!
      "Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up on Me"
      Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up on Me
      01. Don't Give Up On Me
      02. Fast Train
      03. Diamond In Your Mind
      04. Flesh And Blood
      05. Soul Searchin'
      06. Only A Dream
      07. The Judgment
      08. Stepchild
      09. The Other Side Of The Coin
      10. None Of Us Are Free
      11. Sit This One Out
      Of all the great male '60s soul singers--a short list that includes Sam
      Cooke, Otis Redding, and James Brown--only Solomon Burke still
      actively records. More amazing, he's produced his best full-length
      album with Don't Give Up on Me. It's easy to give some credit to the
      album's star songwriters, who include Burke fans Tom Waits, Elvis
      Costello, Van Morrison, Brian Wilson, and Bob Dylan. But really it's
      the quality of the songs and Burke himself, one of the most versatile
      and charismatic singers around, that make this album so special.
      The 11 songs range from the lazy, seductive plea of the title track and
      the gravelly gospel of "Diamond in Your Mind" to the country-soul of
      "Other Side of the Coin" and the civil-rights-era urgency of "None of
      Us Are Free." Joe Henry's production is suitably subdued, and the
      instrumentation--generally guitar, bass, drums, organ, and piano--is
      sympathetic throughout. And if you doubt that Burke is the real star in
      a room crowded with those folks, consider this: the two slightest
      tracks here were written by Wilson and Costello, while one of the
      best, the album-closing "Sit This One Out," was written by someone
      named Pick Purnell. A great album not fixed in the past or fully of this
      decade, Don't Give Up is a crowning achievement of an R&B pioneer
      who has returned to reclaim his self-bestowed title from the '60s: "The
      King of Rock and Soul."

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