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Off topic. (My daughters latest painting) My daughter did her rendition of The Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. (Artists loft oil pastels on mixed media paper.) Thoughts?
Feb 17
Re: Chainsaw 2 special set Replying to my own post. :) I found this on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Texas-Chain-Massacre-Blu-ray/dp/B00E8EFJI2?tag=bluraycom-21 It does seem to
Tom Barber
Feb 3
Chainsaw 2 special set So I saw something online, and I'm curious - what's the deal with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 disk set? Is it only on Blu-Ray? Is it on DVD? When will it/did
Tom Barber
Feb 3
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Off topic. (Interview) I recently did an interview with original Texas Chainsaw Massacre alumni Teri McMinn. It's in print form on my facebook page. Click below if you're interested.
Oct 21, 2013
Butcher Boys Now Available on DVD Bill's new movie, 'Butcher Boys' is now available at Amazon, Best Buy and other online stores. Be sure to pick up your copy and be prepared to be scared! The
Oct 8, 2013
Bill's new film 'The Caretakers' Bill will be teaming up again with Big Biting Pig Productions in their latest film, 'The Caretakers.' A film about vampires. He will be playing the role of Mr.
Sep 18, 2013
Butcher Boys to soon be released into theatres and DVD From Bill's official Facebook fan page: Butcher Boys, which was previously titled Boneboys will be released into select theatres on September 6th.Go to
Little Moe
Aug 2, 2013
Re: Bill's New Facebook Fan Page "liked" it and posted some photos from the couple times I've met Bill.   Take it easy, Riley http://www.rileysautographs.com
Jul 16, 2013
Bill's New Facebook Fan Page Be sure to 'like' BIll's new Facebook fan page and be kept up to date on his appearances, film projects, and other film related news.
Little Moe
Jul 16, 2013
Bill's new film, 'Lucid' Don't forget to stop by Big Biting Pig Productions website to purchase Bill's latest film, 'Lucid.' A dark, psychological thriller about dreaming and
Little Moe
Jul 15, 2013
Re: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Screening Yeah. This time, William R. Instone, who directed Bill in 'JON,' will be putting the screening together. Looking forward to finally seeing my all time favorite
Little Moe
Jul 10, 2013
Re: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Screening They did this in Dallas a while back. TCM2 in 35mm with Bill there, an experience I will never forget.   Take it easy, Riley http://www.rileysautographs.com
Jul 10, 2013
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Screening Just a reminder to everybody living in the Austin area: The Alamo Drafthouse at the Village will be having a screening of 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2' one week
Little Moe
Jul 10, 2013
New Pics of Bill Added to Group! Hello Everyone! I just added a whole lot of pics of Bill from his recent film, 'Lucid.' Come on down and check them out. Also, be sure to stop by Big Biting
Little Moe
Jul 3, 2013
'Lucid' Available for Purchase The premiere for Bill's new film, 'Lucid' was a big success! The film was very 'edge of your seat' and Bill did an amazingly creepy job as Paw Paw. Click on
Little Moe
Jun 24, 2013
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Screening - Come see the film and meet Bil Come out to the Alamo Drafthouse Village on July 17th to see 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2' on the big screen and meet Bill Johnson afterwards. Show
Little Moe
Jun 10, 2013
LUCID World Premiere - See the film and meet Bill! The world premiere for Bill's latest film, 'LUCID' will be on June 21st in Kentucky. P.J. Woodside of Biting Pig Productions is the director. Be sure to come
Little Moe
Jun 10, 2013
OFF TOPIC- Night of the living Dead We are trying to see how many DFW area people would be interested in attending a 35mm screening of NOTLD presented by Gary Streiner. Tickets will be $15 or $45
Mar 8, 2013
Re: Texas Chainsaw 3D All these Texas Chainsaw remakes/reboots/prequals/sequals truly ARE horrifying.... just not in the way they intend. ;) After I saw the first remake (and saw
Tom Barber
Sep 13, 2012
Re: Texas Chainsaw 3D It looks horrid in my opinion. I love Moseley and the TCM crew but it looks like a worse version of the remake!   Don of the Dead Promotional Zombie for
Don Hinrichs
Sep 13, 2012
Re: Texas Chainsaw 3D I can sum up my thoughts about this in three little words. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!! Take it easy, Riley http://www.rileysautographs.com
Sep 13, 2012
Re: Texas Chainsaw 3D I can sum my feelings up in three little words. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!! Take it easy, Riley http://www.rileysautographs.com
Sep 13, 2012
Texas Chainsaw 3D The trailer for 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' has been released. In my opinion, this is a waste of time. There has already been a direct sequel to the original and it is
Little Moe
Sep 13, 2012
(off topic) For those of you that have thank you. For those that hav It's for an awesome cause. Thank you and have a great day. If this upsets you, I won't be offended if you click delete.
Jun 22, 2012
Re: New Convention Appearance I'll be there running the all night movie room and serving my 4 horsemen chili! Good to see Bill again! Sent from my HTC on the Now Network from Sprint!
Jun 4, 2012
New Convention Appearance Bill will be appearing at Crypticon Kansas City in Kansas City, MO on August 24-26th. For more info, check out their website:
Little Moe
Jun 3, 2012
Favor to ask (Off topic)  I know you did this for my son last year. I was wondering if there was anyway you could do it again this year. His birthday is coming up on the 27th and I
Apr 23, 2012
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New Convention Appearance Bill will be appearing at DAYS OF THE DEAD in Indianapolis, IN on July 6-8, 2012. He will be appearing along with other Chainsaw cast members such as: Gunnar
Little Moe
Feb 29, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to all fans of the Saw and BJO! Thanks for sticking around this long. It is much appreciated!!! More convention dates coming soon. For now,
Little Moe
Nov 23, 2011
Off topic Just wanted to wish my daughter a very Happy 16th Birthday. If anyone wants to wish her one as well please do so off the forum (My email) and let me know where
Sep 11, 2011
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