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  • steve
    Here s a few snaps I took Wednesday and Thursday of last week including the Thomas Dr. twister and it s aftermath at Hamilton s Restaurant. (That s a water
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2004
      Here's a few snaps I took Wednesday and Thursday of last week including the Thomas Dr. twister and it's aftermath at Hamilton's Restaurant.  (That's a water droplet on the lens in the tornado pic causing the "orb" effect.)
      We drove past the areas affected by the Thomas Dr. tornado this afternoon and it was simply dreadful.  It was like looking at some kind of disaster movie set. It hit a lot more buildings than I was previously led to believe.  The TV stations and newspaper here didn't really mention or show the true extent of the damage and I was fairly shocked to see how bad it really was.  The strange realness and starkness of the scene of a tornado strike is very disturbing to me, and all the more so knowing that I or my wife could have been there.  We only live about a half a mile (as the crow flies) from where it began it's path of destruction at Hamilton's and we use that stretch of road almost daily.  The news outlets did say however that some 200 buildings were badly damaged or destroyed altogether from the area's outbreak.  I guess it just really doesn't hit home hard until you've seen it first hand. 
      What really troubles me even more is knowing that what I saw isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to what one would see now over in Pensacola or even at the sites of the other bigger and more destructive and deadlier twisters that hit in the Parker, Blountstown, and Marianna areas.  The scenes of Pensacola are just gut wrenching to be sure.
      We've decided next time one of these things come around, we're leaving town!!
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