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Re: Big Trouble Yahoo Group is back

I have closed the open membership policy to this yahoo group due to excessive spamming. Hopefully this will stem the tide of spam messages. -Josh
Josh Horowitz
Apr 19, 2007

Big Trouble Yahoo Group is back

Greetings, First off, I want to apologize for letting this Big Trouble group fall into the state it was. I had to recover my old Cybermax account from Yahoo in
Josh Horowitz
Mar 7, 2007

Actual Big Toruble post

Today's daily imdb poll is best movie set in San Francisco and Big Toruble's getting beat by X-Men: The Last Stand AND Interview With A Vampire. Vertigo is
Darwin (+)
Jan 31, 2007

Movie news

Cinema Bulletin - Top headlines - 10:00pm PST - December 9th, 2006: Bollywood casts spell on Indian film awards Eastwood's "Iwo Jima" resonates in Japan
Dec 9, 2006

John Carpenter Interview

The Unofficial John Carpenter Forum will soon have an interview with John Carpenter himself. We have gathered questions from our members and will be compiling
Sep 28, 2006

great john carpenter movie poster BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA

Dear Friends in this link you will find out great movie poster of JOHN CARPENTER'S BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZlive4moives
Aug 9, 2005

John Carpenter Forum???

I am currently owner of an entertainment forum called www.revolutionforum.net and wanted to know if anyone would be interested in a forum dedicated to John
Sea Of Sin
Apr 27, 2005

New Picture Posted: Real Life Jack Burton! Unaltered!!

I posted a picture I took a few weeks ago outside of Atlanta, GA in the "Photos" section. The picture was taken near a mall off Interstate 75 in Georgia. With
Apr 22, 2005

Re: The John Carpenter Movie Contest

I got the impression that they wanted a horror/thriller-type JC script... That's why I was careful not to say on the site "Want to create the next BTLC?"
Josh Horowitz
Apr 30, 2004

Re: The John Carpenter Movie Contest

... I dont think that you should even remotely touch the old BTILC. Its great because it's a one of a kind film experience. __________________________________
Andrew Morgan
Apr 30, 2004

The John Carpenter Movie Contest

Alright Guys, the John Carpenter Movie contest started on April 13. I think a Big Trouble Sequel would be a great submission, but there are a few things I want
Apr 28, 2004

web site for Kurt Russell collectors

Hello, I hope you will visit my web site for Kurt Russell collectors : http://www.parallels.demon.co.uk/krussell.htm best wishes, Andy
Dec 18, 2003

Re: New poll for bigtrouble

Gar!!! You are so right. ... I can't ... character! Not ... one of my ... [mailto:bigtrouble@yahoogroups.com] ... http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/
Nov 26, 2003

Re: New poll for bigtrouble

Kind of an unfair poll, don't you think? Each works off the other; I can't think of BTILC without thinking about how much I like EACH character! Not one more
Nov 15, 2003

New poll for bigtrouble

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the bigtrouble group: What is the best character of " Big Trouble in Little China"? o Jack Burton o
Nov 15, 2003
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