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Your Turn for Money=Success?

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    ***** In this Update (11/4/10): 1. Your Turn for Money=Success? 2. Conference Calls ***** (See Sponsoring Protocol at end of message.) ***** YOUR TURN FOR
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2010
      In this Update (11/4/10):
      1. Your Turn for Money=Success?
      2. Conference Calls
      (See Sponsoring Protocol at end of message.)

      by Frederick Mann

      JustBeenPaid! (JBP) was launched
      during January, 2010, and we've
      paid out over $55,000 to our JBP

      JBP's Synergy Surf (JSS) was launched
      on 8/4/10, and we've paid out over
      $68,000 to our JSS members.

      You now have the opportunity to also
      earn and get paid, particularly with
      our latest new program -- JSS-Warp!

      JSS-Warp will be launching on Saturday,
      November 6th at 11 AM CST (Noon EST):


      If you compare JSS-Warp to other online
      high-return programs -- doublers, cyclers,
      autosurfs, HYIPs, revenue-share programs,
      etc. -- you'll almost certainly find that
      JSS-Warp is in a league of its own, and
      the only one that's indefinitely

      You can use an "affiliate-marketing
      approach" to get going:


      You can also use a "passive-investor
      approach." You can quickly grow your
      money by 25%! There are no sponsoring

      You can open a free JBP account and
      check out JSS-Warp, by logging into
      your JBP account. Then click the
      "JSS-Warp" link.

      The following are important:

      * Designing a high-return program
      like this to make it indefinitely
      sustainableis a breakthrough of
      historic proportions. It's never
      been done before.

      * Most of your $40 positions are
      likely to quickly grow to $50.

      * There are no sponsoring requirements.

      * If you do sponsor people, every third
      position bought by your referrals will
      be used to cycle one of your positions.
      If you buy 10 positions and your referrals
      buy 30, then all your positions cycle
      and pay.

      * As soon as you earn, you can buy new
      positions. You can also make withdrawals,
      which are paid daily.

      (You need at least one uncycled JSS
      position -- cost $20 -- to participate
      in JSS-Warp.)

      Working for our wealth and success,

      Frederick Mann

      P.S. If you want to multiply some of your
      money, then your next step is to upgrade
      your JBP account at a cost of $10 or $20.
      Take advantage of our "special half-price
      upgrade" while it's still available.


      by Frederick Mann

      You're also invited to our FREE
      weekly conference calls. To
      participate, call:
      -- Pin # 966641
      Any Thursday at
      9 PM EST / 6PM PST.
      Get your questions answered!

      BigBooster, Suite 88, Private Bag X12,
      Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129, South Africa
      Sponsoring Protocol: If Frederick Mann/BigBooster is
      not your sponsor, and you decide to join any of the
      programs mentioned above, please check with your
      sponsor before joining. Where applicable, please
      join these programs under your sponsor, using his
      or her sign-up URL/join details.

      I found the greatest marketing idea
      of all time -- in a FREE e-book:
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