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Re: [big-hump] W-B?

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  • Brett Swanstrom
    you can go to the yahoo group website. All the emails are technically messages to the group. So yeah, all the emails are posted/saved on the site, as far back
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 30, 2008
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      you can go to the yahoo group website.  All the emails are technically messages to the group. So yeah, all the emails are posted/saved on the site, as far back as march, 2004. 

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      On Sep 30, 2008, at 4:41 PM, Angela O'Hanlon <aohanlon6@...> wrote:

      Oh that's some funny sh*t....

      but timing is everything.. .. by the time he joins, he won't read the old emails, will he???  


      Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 14:09:01 -0700
      From: casteroni@sbcglobal .net
      Subject: RE: [big-hump] W-B?
      To: lynkim@...; jeff.goeden@ gmail.com; big-hump@yahoogroup s.com; aohanlon6@msn. com

      Um...I just forwarded the previous emails to him (prior to yours, and gave him the details on how to join.


      (sent from my really slow iLaptop)

      --- On Tue, 9/30/08, Angela O'Hanlon <aohanlon6@msn. com> wrote:
      From: Angela O'Hanlon <aohanlon6@msn. com>
      Subject: RE: [big-hump] W-B?
      To: "Lyn Falk" <lynkim@...>, "'Jeff Goeden'" <jeff.goeden@ gmail.com>, big-hump@yahoogroup s.com
      Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 4:06 PM

      Sounds like Whiney might've been flirting with Just Marky Mark's cousin?????   LMAO!!!  (I'm glad he doesn't read this stuff, or he'd SO hate me!?)
      Speedy recovery Whiney!!

      To: jeff.goeden@ gmail.com; big-hump@yahoogroup s.com
      From: lynkim@...
      Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 15:57:30 -0500
      Subject: RE: [big-hump] W-B?

      Ha!  You said caulk!


      Whiney actually just called me as I was performing my soccer mom duties and picking up the kids from school.  He did say his surgery (like Fiddler said) is scheduled for tomorrow and asked kinda what to expect (beings my son and myself recently has surgery).  He thought he’d be able to make it out to the hash tomorrow night after having surgery that day!  What a dedicated hasher!  I laughed and said, good luck with that!  Sounds like its going to be a pretty intense surgery.


      I offered my wheel chair to him for hashing next week!  It was fun to stare death in its face while stuck in a wheel chair on train tracks with a train coming!  (spanks stinky).


      Whiney said something about Marky Mark shoving him down?  (so only kidding)


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      From: big-hump@yahoogroup s.com [mailto:big- hump@yahoogroups .com] On Behalf Of Jeff Goeden
      Tuesday, September 30, 2008 3:50 PM
      To: Colin L. Kremitzki
      Cc: Frydog; Jim Curtis; big-hump@yahoogroup s.com
      Subject: Re: [big-hump] W-B?


      I emailed Whiney this morning to see how he was doing.  Apparently he broke his ankle and has surgery tomorrow to pin a plate to the fibula for two fractures at the ankle, stitch up some ligaments inside the ankle, and maybe put one more temporary pin through the fibula and tibula. 


      Just because he is bitching about pink caulk, it does not mean you should push him down a muddy bank.  haha





      On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 3:19 PM, Colin L. Kremitzki <ckremitz@watson. wustl.edu> wrote:

      I don't know all of the details, but Whiney broke his ankle on trail
      Saturday. I believe it was down a muddy bank. Just Marky Mark and I Feel
      Tower got him back to the start, along with possibly others. I THink G
      knows more details.


      > I wasn't there either but what I gather is he did something to his ankle.
      > W.B. I hope its all ok.

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      > From: Jim Curtis <metach4@hotmail. com>
      > Sent:
      Tuesday, September 30, 2008 2:45 PM
      > To: big-hump@yahoogroup s.com <big-hump@yahoogroup s.com>
      > Subject: [big-hump] W-B?
      > I was reading the End of Summer hash notes and saw the comments about
      > Whiney. What's the scoop?
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