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FW: 2010: U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World

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  • Robert Rabin
    To this succinct summary of US militarism abroad, we would add that the US wages war throughout the world and against its own people – mostly indigenous,
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      To this succinct summary of US militarism abroad, we would add that the US
      wages war throughout the world and against its own people – mostly
      indigenous, afroamerican, latino and other poor sectors of US society. At
      military bases around the US, a multiplicity of training activities cause
      enormous socio-economic, ecological and health damages to people in
      surrounding communities, as well as to military personnel. From poisonous
      water supplies for soldiers and families at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
      (largest Marine base), to depleted uranium contamination at production sites
      and firing ranges, to noise and other types of encroachment on civilian life
      at Cherry Point (NC) and Ocala State Forest (Florida), massive destruction
      from bombing practices in Arizona and Nevada, storage of military toxics in
      Southern cities and Alaskan Native American villages, US Armed Forces are
      the greatest contaminators of North America. Far from contributing to
      ‘national defense’, the military forces of the United States have been used
      historically to implement a foreign policy in the interests of giant US
      corporations at the expense and suffering of people in countries around the
      globe. The article below and our understanding of past and present military
      policy by Washington leave no doubt that the greatest terrorists of our
      times have a not so secret headquarters in the Virginia suburbs, not far
      from the White House.



      Stop NATO
      December 31, 2009

      2010: U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World
      Rick Rozoff

      January 1 will usher in the last year of the first decade of a new
      millennium and ten consecutive years of the United States conducting war in
      the Greater Middle East.

      Beginning with the October 7, 2001 missile and bomb attacks on Afghanistan,
      American combat operations abroad have not ceased for a year, a month, a
      week or a day in the 21st century.

      The Afghan war, the U.S.'s first air and ground conflict in Asia since the
      disastrous wars in Vietnam and Cambodia in the 1960s and early 1970s and the
      North Atlantic Treaty Organization's first land war and Asian campaign,
      began during the end of the 2001 war in Macedonia launched from
      NATO-occupied Kosovo, one in which the role of U.S. military personnel is
      still to be properly exposed [1] and addressed and which led to the
      displacement of almost 10 percent of the nation's population.

      In the first case Washington invaded a nation in the name of combating
      terrorism; in the second it abetted cross-border terrorism. Similarly, in
      1991 the U.S. and its Western allies attacked Iraqi forces in Kuwait and
      launched devastating and deadly cruise missile attacks and bombing sorties
      inside Iraq in the name of preserving the national sovereignty and
      territorial integrity of Kuwait, and in 1999 waged a 78-day bombing assault
      against Yugoslavia to override and fatally undermine the principles of
      territorial integrity and national sovereignty in the name of the casus
      belli of the day, so-called humanitarian intervention.

      Two years later humanitarian war, as abhorrent an oxymoron as the world has
      ever witnessed, gave way to the global war on terror(ism), with the U.S. and
      its NATO allies again reversing course but continuing to wage wars of
      aggression and "wars of opportunity" as they saw fit, contradictions and
      logic, precedents and international law notwithstanding.

      Several never fully acknowledged counterinsurgency campaigns, some ongoing -
      Colombia - and some new - Yemen - later, the U.S. invaded Iraq in March of
      2003 with a "coalition of the willing" comprised mainly of Eastern European
      NATO candidate nations (now almost all full members of the world's only
      military bloc as a result of their service).

      The Pentagon has also deployed special forces and other troops to the
      Philippines and launched naval, helicopter and missile attacks inside
      Somalia as well as assisting the Ethiopian invasion of that nation in 2006.
      Washington also arms, trains and supports the armed forces of Djibouti in
      their border war with Eritrea. In fact Djibouti hosts the U.S.'s only
      permanent military installation in Africa to date [2], Camp Lemonier, a
      United States Naval Expeditionary Base and home to the Combined Joint Task
      Force - Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA), placed under the new U.S. Africa Command
      (AFRICOM) when it was launched on October 1, 2008. The area of
      responsibility of the Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa takes in
      the nations of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Seychelles, Somalia,
      Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Yemen and as "areas of interest" the Comoros,
      Mauritius and Madagascar.

      That is, much of the western shores of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean,
      among the most geostrategically important parts of the world. [3]

      U.S. troops, aerial drones, warships, planes and helicopters are active
      throughout that vast tract of land and water.

      With senator and once almost vice president Joseph Lieberman's threat on
      December 27 that "Yemen will be tomorrow's war" [4] and former Southern
      Command chief and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Wesley Clark's two
      days later that "Maybe we need to put some boots on the ground there," [5]
      it is evident that America's new war for the new year has already been
      identified. In fact in mid-December U.S. warplanes participated in the
      bombing of a village in northern Yemen that cost the lives of 120 civilians
      as well as wounding 44 more [6] and a week later "A US fighter jet...carried
      out multiple airstrikes on the home of a senior official in Yemen's northern
      rugged province of Sa'ada...." [7]

      The pretext for undertaking a war in Yemen in earnest is currently the
      serio-comic "attempted terrorist attack” by a young Nigerian national on a
      passenger airliner outside of Detroit on Christmas Day. The deadly U.S.
      bombing of the Yemeni village mentioned above occurred ten days earlier and
      moreover was in the north of the nation, although Washington claims al-Qaeda
      cells are operating in the other end of the country. [8]

      Asia, Africa and the Middle East are not the only battlegrounds where the
      Pentagon is active. On October 30 of 2009 the U.S. signed an agreement with
      the government of Colombia to acquire the essentially unlimited and
      unrestricted use of seven new military bases in the South American nation,
      including sites within immediate striking distance of both Venezuela and
      Ecuador. [9] American intelligence, special forces and other personnel will
      be complicit in ongoing counterinsurgency operations against the
      Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in the nation's south as well
      as in rendering assistance to Washington's Colombian proxy for attacks
      inside Ecuador and Venezuela that will be portrayed as aimed at FARC forces
      in the two states.

      Targeting two linchpins of and ultimately the entire Bolivarian Alliance for
      the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), Washington is laying the groundwork for a
      potential military conflagration in South and Central America and the
      Caribbean. After the U.S.-supported coup in Honduras on June 28, that nation
      has announced it will be the first ALBA member state to ever withdraw from
      the Alliance and the Pentagon will retain, perhaps expand, its military
      presence at the Soto Cano Air Base there.

      A few days ago "The Colombian government...announced it is building a new
      military base on its border with Venezuela and has activated six new
      airborne battalions" [10] and shortly afterward Dutch member of parliament
      Harry van Bommel "claimed that US spy planes are using an airbase on the
      Netherlands Antilles island of Curaçao" [11] off the Venezuelan coast.

      In October a U.S. armed forces publication revealed that the Pentagon will
      spend $110 million to modernize and expand seven new military bases in
      Bulgaria and Romania, across the Black Sea from Russia, where it will
      station initial contingents of over 4,000 troops. [12]

      In early December the U.S. signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with
      Poland, which borders the Russian Kaliningrad territory, that "allows for
      the United States military to station American troops and military equipment
      on Polish territory." [13] The U.S. military forces will operate Patriot
      Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) and Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) batteries as
      part of the Pentagon's global interceptor missile system.

      At approximately the same time President Obama pressured Turkish Prime
      Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to base missile shield components in his
      country. "We discussed the continuing role that we can play as NATO allies
      in strengthening Turkey's profile within NATO and coordinating more
      effectively on critical issues like missile defense," [14] in the American
      leader's words.

      "Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has hinted his government does not view
      Tehran [Iran] as a potential missile threat for Turkey at this point. But
      analysts say if a joint NATO missile shield is developed, such a move could
      force Ankara to join the mechanism." [15]

      2010 will see the first foreign troops deployed to Poland since the breakup
      of the Warsaw Pact in 1991 and the installation of the U.S's "stronger,
      swifter and smarter" (also Obama's words) interceptor missiles and radar
      facilities in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the South Caucasus. [16]

      U.S. troop strength in Afghanistan, site of the longest and most wide-scale
      war in the world, will top 100,000 early in 2010 and with another 50,000
      plus troops from other NATO nations and assorted "vassals and tributaries"
      (Zbigniew Brzezinski) will represent the largest military deployment in any
      war zone in the world.

      American and NATO drone missile and helicopter gunship attacks in Pakistan
      will also increase, as will U.S. counterinsurgency operations in the
      Philippines and Somalia along with those in Yemen where CIA and Army special
      forces are already involved.

      U.S. military websites recently announced that there have been 3.3 million
      deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001 with 2 million U.S. service
      members sent to the two war zones. [17]

      In this still young millennium American soldiers have also deployed in the
      hundreds of thousands to new bases and conflict and post-conflict zones in
      Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Djibouti, Georgia, Israel, Jordan,
      Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mali, the Philippines, Romania,
      Uganda and Uzbekistan.

      In 2010 they will be sent abroad in even larger numbers to man airbases and
      missile sites, supervise and participate in counterinsurgency operations
      throughout the world against disparate rebel groups, many of them secular,
      and wage combat operations in South Asia and elsewhere. They will be
      stationed on warships and submarines equipped with cruise and long-range
      nuclear missiles and with aircraft carrier strike groups prowling the
      world's seas and oceans.

      They will construct and expand bases from Europe to Central and South Asia,
      Africa to South America, the Middle East to Oceania. With the exception of
      Guam and Vicenza in Italy, where the Pentagon is massively expanding
      existing installations, all the facilities in question are in nations and
      even regions of the world where the U.S. military has never before ensconced
      itself. Practically all the new encampments will be forward bases used for
      operations "down range," generally to the east and south of NATO-dominated

      U.S. military personnel will be assigned to the new Global Strike Command
      and for expanded patrols and war games in the Arctic Circle. They will serve
      under the Missile Defense Agency to consolidate a worldwide interceptor
      missile network that will facilitate a nuclear first strike capability and
      will extend that system into space, the final frontier in the drive to
      achieve military full spectrum dominance.

      American troops will continue to fan out to most all parts of the world.
      Everywhere, that is, except to their own nation's borders.

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      Antiwar.com, August 20, 2001
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      Stop NATO

      Blog site:
      <http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/> http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/

      Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
      PO Box 652
      Brunswick, ME 04011
      (207) 443-9502
      http://space4peace.blogspot.com/ (blog)

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