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2486Re: Torah as chiastic structure

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  • funhistory
    May 21 9:47 PM
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      > "The fundamental Torah structure is crafted into a loop,
      > with nonsedentary diaspora life established by entering
      > Egypt from Canaan and sedentary national life established
      > by entering Canaan from Egypt."
      > Rich Faussette

      Only if you think the heritage of Israel (Creation, Flood, Babel, Abram) is irrelevant to the "fundamental Torah", & doesn't consist of any "sedentary national life". Personally I don't think that's academically legitimate. The entrance to & exodus from Egypt follows similar settlements/journeys involving Eden's Garden, Eden itself, the place where Noah's ark settled, the place where the tower was built, & Ur. Besides, you also have both Abram & Moses going to/from Egypt before & within your main chiasmus.

      G.M. Grena
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