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Joseph's Historical Father-in-Law

  • jimstinehart
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      Joseph’s Historical Father-in-Law
      Genesis 41: 45 tells us that Joseph’s father-in-law was “Potiphera”, an
      Egyptian priest from On, where the Egyptian god Ra was honored. The first
      two Hebrew letters of the name “Pothiphera” are peh/P – vav/W, which
      suggests that the beginning of this priest’s name was pA wa in Egyptian, or in
      English: Pawa. Though he was from On, Genesis 41: 45 implies that Pawa had
      now moved to Pharaoh’s capital city.
      Does that match the historical record?
      In seeking to identify Joseph’s historical father-in-law, we’re looking
      for (i) a priest of Ra, (ii) from On, (iii) who had now moved to Pharaoh’s
      capital city, where he had a high position as a priest and was close to
      Pharaoh, and (iv) whose name starts out “Pawa”. What does the historical
      record reveal as of Year 14?
      “Heliopolis [On] was the city of the sun-god [Ra] whose doctrines deeply
      influenced the rest of the pantheon. …May was but one example of the
      Heliopolitan officials who were to appear among the young prince’s [Akhenaten’s]
      entourage. Others like Bek, and Pawah the High Priest in On, and their
      wives, were also destined to play influential roles [at Amarna]….” Cyril
      Aldred, “Akhenaten: King of Egypt” (1988), p. 260.
      “South of the [Amarna] Central City lay the Main City, which…contained
      extensive suburbs of estates belonging to courtiers and high officials…. The
      most imposing residences in this area were those of the priest, Pawah….”
      Barbara Watterson, “Amarna: Ancient Egypt’s Age of Revolution” (1999), p.
      Note that e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g checks out perfectly. The
      p-i-n-p-o-i-n-t historical accuracy of the Patriarchal narratives in the context of Year
      14 is truly astonishing.
      Jim Stinehart
      Evanston, Illinois

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