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Re: Groping in the darkness

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  • Roy Wayne Tobias
    Hi Lenny, Sorry it took me a couple of days to return and respond. I ll try to say this a little more plainly; God has made it so we must rely on Him in all
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 29, 2005
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      Hi Lenny,

      Sorry it took me a couple of days to return and respond. I'll try to
      say this a little more plainly; God has made it so we must rely on
      Him in all things, even in the discovery of His person and
      attributes. Sometimes, the closer we get, the harder it gets
      to 'see', because being so close it is hard to understand or
      perceive what assumptions we are carrying with us that are leading
      us astray. Also, no one approaches God except that they are purified
      (blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God)in love. And
      it is God who does the purifying, eh? And this reveals the purpose
      in God having created-or allowed, if you prefer-darkness. In the
      darkness our fears are shown to us by God, Who uses all things for
      and towards His purposes. He alone is soveriegn, and nothing is
      beyond that. At least in my view.

      Like you said, it's not that God is necessarily 'hiding'(though
      there are scriptures to back up that thought too), but instead uses
      the darkness to reveal Himself to us. Who among us can say, really,
      they have ever seen or know who or what God is? Yet even in our
      darkness of mind, He makes His presense known to us, and proves His
      faithfulness and love towards us-and teaches us about faith, without
      which we can do nothing or know nothing.

      So while darkness can be seen as an enemy, it also can be seen as a
      teacher of sorts-or rather, a tool in God's hand for teaching and
      correcting and reproof.

      Blessings Lenny,

      > OK –Mea Culpa time.
      > Hi Tobias. Thanks for the context – it does help some. As I read
      your post
      > last night, I thought you were promoting a kind of fideism to
      discover God;
      > that somehow God makes Himself dark so all we can do is stumble
      around until
      > we somehow happen to bump into Him. Those kinds of ideas I've run
      > before and they kind of irk me.
      > It looks like you're saying that we are sometimes not given a
      clear picture
      > of God or what he is doing, so the man of faith may lean on his
      faith to
      > rely on God in the dark times. It's not that God is trying to
      hide His
      > nature or attributes from us. Is this closer?
      > I guess this is a good lesson in being careful when communicating
      > another to make sure the idea aren't lost in the verbiage. It's a
      rule I
      > normally try to follow, but –ah –sometimes fools rush in.
      > Lenny
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      > Hi Lenny,
      > You wrote: WHAT?! Where did you get this? God does not `cover
      > Himself in darkness". That's not Biblical.
      > Tobiah: Fair enough, and this does come from scripture.
      > Psalm 97:2 Cloud and darkness surround the Lord; justice and right
      > are the foundation of his throne.
      > I'm going to post here the original message that proceeded this
      > response of mine to a response from one of our members on the
      > Sojourners group to my original message. Perhaps you can put the
      > together and see where it is coming from.
      > As far as the cross, the cross was to make peace, and so that we
      > might boldly approach the throne of grace, through a clear
      > conscience by knowledge of the forgiveness and mercy of God. Fear
      > our own shortcoming and nature before God causes fear that
      > us from Him.
      > Paul said in Acts that He is not far from any one of us. It's
      > darkness-our own ignorance-that keeps us from seeing that. God
      > have us come near, and scripture says that no one can see Him and
      > live.
      > Tobiah.
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