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Sharpe's Rule

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  • me000au
    Hi, Ross here, it s my first post on this board. This is mainly meant for Rob Bowman but does not exclude anyone else. I saw the file and article of Sharpe s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      Hi, Ross here, it's my first post on this board. This is mainly meant
      for Rob Bowman but does not exclude anyone else. I saw the file and
      article of Sharpe's report re Titus 2:13 and 2Peter 1:1, which I have
      read, it is yet another attack on he Trinity and the Deity of Christ.
      Having read the text of these verses of Scripture it is obvious to me
      who the subject of the context is ( Jesus )and one has only to follow the
      story line and realise that one is reading the NT, which is part of
      Christology and both are synonymous. Why does it need defending? Why
      would one be surprised to find the subject of George Washington
      appearing in a Book about George Washington? Why read the New
      Testement and then be in denial of the subject of Jesus Christ appearing
      To read the NT and not believe it is anyone's perogative
      but to read the NT and try to refute it, is deliberate mischief and
      deliberate blasphemy. To the non believer, blasphemy is not a concern
      that ever seems to bother them, and the denial of Christ is also the
      denial of the Holy Spirit which is unforgivable, as is the denial of
      the Trinity, for they are the Three who testify to the Truth in all.
      The Bible really needs no defence, it is defended by the Word of God
      and by God Himself in all Three Persons of God. However the
      mistranslated and unauthorised versions or imitations of the bible are
      a seperate subject and must be rejected rather than defended, the
      refutation of such imitation bibles is easily found by the antitype
      that advocate them and try to pass them off as the true word of God
      when they are, by deliberate distraction, proposing many false claims
      of offense against the Word of God. In this they are not objecting to
      the Bible itself but to God Himself and are so begiuling as to
      convince the world that Christians are on the wrong road to no
      where,but they are nowhere, because they have no alternative to offer
      for Salvation, as Jesus is the Only One ->Joh 6:68 Then Simon Peter
      answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of
      eternal life.
      With no offense to anyone, the need to be a scholar of some sort is
      not necessary to achieve Salvation but rather the need is to belive
      simply that Jesus Christ is Our Lord ( whom we must completly obey and
      follow ) and Savior ( who suffered and died for us on the cross, was
      buried and resurrected to life everlasting ) and bingo that's all
      there is to it,. I do however admit that, keeping oneself pure and
      ready for the Kingdom of God is the battle thereafter, but God is
      mercifull and forgiving if we BELIEVE it. Actually, people that do
      refute the Bible are in a way a good thing for Christians in that they
      test our Faith in Jesus, He did foretell us that these types would and
      will come and test us, put us down, curse Him and all that, so that we
      can defend our personal faith by and with the knowlege of the
      scriptures by reading the scriptuires continually.I have found that by
      even reading over a few verses again later on that a deeper and
      clearer menaing appears, and this overflows to other verses which may
      have been a bit difficult, like it snowballs along, the more we read.
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