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Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: New member introduction & The Trinity

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  • TL
    I d be interested in discussing the trinity. I understand 3 persons are the one god. but the problems are still there: First, person ? A flesh and blood
    Message 1 of 40 , Feb 11, 2005
      I'd be interested in discussing the trinity.  I understand 3 persons are the one god.  but the problems are still there:  First,  "person"?  A flesh and blood human? 
      If the trinity is not three humans, then you need to provide some evidence that a person CAN exist and live without a physical body, so that i can at least say the trinity language isn't a mere word game but is within the field of possibilities

      hoppy1492 <hoppy1492@...> wrote:

      I commend all who make adjustments in thinking through interacting
      with others. I am thankful for opportunities to have studied at
      George Fox University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Southwestern
      Southern Baptist Seminary, The Criswell Institute, Western
      Conservative Baptist Seminary,  the California Graduate School of
      Theology, teaching and doing Ph.D. work. The more interaction I have
      had and research I have done has led to many theological
      adjustments.I am currently working informally on the doctrine of the
      Trinity. Is there anyone  that would be interested in discussing
      this doctrine?

      Manny Blessings,

      -- In biblicalapologetics@yahoogroups.com, "Cynthia H."
      <brymichmom@y...> wrote:
      > Welcome to the group Eric!  Thanks for sharing a little bit of
      your story with us, I appreciate that very much.

      > You certainly are ambitious!  I wish I could do all that, and
      still have the energy for other things such as my family.

      > I've never spoken to any RLDS, but we get plenty of the LDS here
      where I live. 

      > CH
      > Eric Pement <eric.pement@m...> wrote:
      > Since I'm a new member to this mailing list, I thought I'd
      > myself. My name is Eric Pement. I've been married 23 years, have 3
      > children, and we live in Chicago. I'm currently employed at Moody
      > Bible Institute doing web development and web programming. I'm
      > attending North Park Theological Seminary where I'm working on a
      > double masters: M.Div. and M.B.A. (I've completed about 2/3 of the
      > credits needed to graduate).
      > I was raised RLDS (an offshoot of the LDS or Mormon church), saved
      > the age of 18, and have been interested in the Bible, evangelism,
      > apologetics, cults, and other religions ever since. It began with
      > wondering how I could have been so wrong about the Book of Mormon
      > course), but my desire to witness and share my faith broadened to
      > cover a variety of non-Christian religions. The main person to
      > my interest in apologetics was Walter Martin: I first heard his
      > and read "The Kingdom of the Cults" at the age of 19, and was
      > persuaded of the viability of Christian mission to people in
      > religions.
      > I served at Jesus People USA and "Cornerstone" magazine for 24
      > and produced several tools to help in this capacity: a "Directory
      > Cult Research Organizations" for over 10 years, an electronic BBS
      > 6 years, about 200 articles and publications, along with some
      > speaking and teaching in the metro Chicago area. I currently serve
      > the board of two organizations committed to ministry to cults and
      > religions, and a few months ago I started a small apologetics
      > group on campus at North Park, motivated in part after reading
      > Dembski's "Unapologetic Apologetics" (IVP, 2001).
      > I know several of the people here already, and I'm looking forward
      > meeting new friends and colleagues in the months to come.
      > Kind regards,
      > Eric Pement
      > 2 Cor. 4:5
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    • Robert Bowman
      All, I have added another new feature to the CBA web site, called the Apologetics Answer Alert (AAA). This feature draws attention to a recent book or article
      Message 40 of 40 , Mar 5, 2005

        I have added another new feature to the CBA web site, called the Apologetics
        Answer Alert (AAA). This feature draws attention to a recent book or article
        attacking some aspect of Christianity that merits an apologetics response.
        The first AAA concerns a newspaper opinion piece that argues that the Ten
        Commandments are antithetical to American values. For details, visit the
        home page of our web site (see link below).

        In Christ's service,

        Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
        Center for Biblical Apologetics
        Online: http://www.biblicalapologetics.net
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