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Chaplain Dan has a dream

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    Chaplain Dan Has a Dream I come to you today with a dream I have had for many years. It is monumental in size, therefore it needs the prayers and contemplation
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2005
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      Chaplain Dan Has a Dream

      I come to you today with a dream I have had for many years. It is monumental in size, therefore it needs the prayers and contemplation of many diverse segments of our city and region, and the wisdom of God to put into practice. What I am proposing is a place where anyone can come to get help from the services that will be offered there, a place where the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the person can be met.


      I believe it should be in a country setting away from the bustle of the cities around it, a serene location where there will be room for all the facilities that will be needed to make it complete. However, an intake center could be in the city to have a local place for people to come and be processed into the main center.


      The funding would be from whoever wanted to give to it, with the stipulation that the gift does not entail control by the giver of any hiring etc in the facility. I would like to see it completely free of government funding. It would be a focal point for the churches in the area to help those in need, and therefore I would hope for the cooperation of the churches in funding and volunteers etc.

      Facilities and Staffing

      I would like to see at least a medical clinic staffed with doctors and nurses from the area, social workers and case managers to help those who need it, and a variety of professionals from many disciplines coming together for the common goal of helping those who are coming through the facility.

      It will essentially be a homeless shelter but with a big difference because it will be working toward helping people with whatever need they have—including the spiritual ones. We have many fine professionals within our valley to whom we can refer those who are in need of such services. It would be a network of help in our community, not just a single facility, to help those in need get back into society once again. There will be job-training, and all sorts of help to get them back to a productive mode of life.


      I want this facility to bring glory to God—and no one else. It will be inter-denominational in nature so that most of the churches in our area will be able to help. It will be a training center for ministry in whatever mode that is needed. Later on, I would like to see a scholarship fund set up for people who are called into the ministry, so they can have help with their funding.

      What I Need

      Above all, I need your prayers. Then, I need your ideas and constructive comments as well as people who can help me bring this from the idea stage into the planning stage. If it is God’s will that this happen, it will all fall into place. If not, then we need the wisdom to back off.

      I would appreciate it if you would think of those whom you know who might be of help in this endeavor. As you can see, the scope of the project is gargantuan. It will take dedication and resolve to see it through to its completion. Naturally, I cannot act upon all the suggestions I receive, but I will listen if you have something meaningful to say. Please make this project one of your top priorities for prayer.

      In His Love

      Chaplain Dan

      Hemet Valley Medical Center

      Hemet, CA.

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