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Re: Ayn Rand on Original Sin

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  • Heinz Schmitz
    ... Reply: Not really. You did say Christian take. I am not interested in a Christian Take on anything Bible related, and I suspect neither was Rand. A
    Message 1 of 24 , Jul 4, 2009
      --- In biblicalapologetics@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin Bywater" <kevinbywater@...> wrote:

      > > >
      > > I placed the burden on you to show that Rand's caricature of the Christian take on original sin is accurate.
      > >
      > > Reply: Who said anything about Rand's "Christian take" on it?
      > You misunderstand.

      Reply: Not really. You did say "Christian take." I am not interested in a Christian Take on anything Bible related, and I suspect neither was Rand. A "Christian Take" on matters related to anything in the Bible is a take that has been sanitized. I still read the Bible, and it is much more fascinating to be able to read it without a "Christian take" on it.

      > > If you can however isolate something that Rand wrote about OS that is completely fictional then we can discuss that. I just reread what she wrote, and as a Christian for 4 decades I can see no error. Perhaps you can help me.
      > I'll leave the burden in your hands. Appropriate documentation would help.

      Reply: No need for documentation, it is an explanation of it without a "Christian take"...a purer observation.

      > > > I agree that, in general, our self-interest benefits not just ourselves. Nevertheless, you state that no one wants to articulate what they see as Rand's flaws. In my original post, I linked to an essay I wrote some years back. In that essay, I point up what I deem to be considerable, even fatal, flaws in Randian philosophy. So, if you'd care to read that piece and interact with it, I'd be happy to discuss it.
      > > >
      > > Reply: That was a 13 page essay. In the interest of time perhaps you can isolate as well a mistake of Rand's that you mentioned in that essay.
      > I've done the work. Read it or not, I leave it to you.

      Reply: I know you feel your work is very important, but I feel my time is more so. Perhaps that is just "Rational Self-interest" :) I just read a tiny blurb from Nathaniel Branden on his break from Rand and I completely understand. I agree with him that Objectivism CAN be "a moralism that subtly encourages repression, self-alienation, and guilt." I have more to say on this, but perhaps another time. I don't know if you're saying the same thing - and perhaps, given more time, I will read your work. I do appreciate your engaging with me.
      Have a happy Fourth.

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