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Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Critique of Newsweek's biblical argument s on gay marriage

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  • Alfredo I. Cortez, Jr.
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      -- "Heinz Schmitz" <christian_skeptic@...> wrote:

      --- In biblicalapologetics @yahoogroups. com, "Robert M. Bowman, Jr."
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      > Friends,
      > You might be interested in my recent blog entry responding to
      > Newsweek's article defending gay marriage:
      > http://www.religiou sresearcher. org/blog/ ?p=252
      > In Christ's service,
      > Rob Bowman

      I don't have much time to devote to this as I am in the middle of
      moving, but I do have a comment.

      Frankly, I don't care if the Bible explicitly states homosexuality is
      evil on every page, the Christian attitude towards gays is a black
      spot on its history. Your condemnation of a specific group of people
      in society is evil and immoral.

      You did write, "The story is told that a lady once caught W. C. Fields
      reading a Bible. When she asked him why, Fields replied, "Just looking
      for loopholes my dear, just looking for loopholes." I'm afraid this is
      the way many people read the Bible. Rather than accept what the Bible
      says in its context, they look for loopholes to justify their
      alternate opinions. Any possible or conceivable way out supposedly
      proves that the Bible does not support the traditional view."

      Is this not what all Christians do anyways?

      One case in point is gluttony. People who live in the Bible Belt tend
      to be more obese than others. However, they really do focus on
      condemning alcohol consumption, hence all the dry counties in the South.

      "Today, almost one-half of the counties in Mississippi are dry with
      their own prohibition against the production, advertising, sale,
      distribution, or transportation of alcoholic beverages within their
      boundaries. It is even illegal to bring alcohol through a dry county
      in Mississippi while traveling across the country in the process of,
      for example, moving a personal wine or spirits collection to one's new

      The reason for such a high proportion of dry counties is clear:
      Mississippi is uniquely temperance-oriented ."

      http://www2. potsdam.edu/ hansondj/ controversies/ 1140551076. html


      "Mississippians are the most massive Americans, while Coloradans are
      leanest, a state-by-state obesity survey shows.
      Nearly 30% of Mississippi adult residents are obese. The state tops
      the new list from Trust for America's Health, a nonprofit group
      lobbying to make disease prevention a national priority."

      http://www.webmd. com/diet/ news/20060829/ mississippi- tops-state- obesity-ranking

      Mississippi is a Bible-Belt state, yet the Bible never condemns the
      moderate use of alcohol, in fact, it even encourages it.
      The Bible DOES however condemn GLUTTONY.

      Here these Christians have chosen to ignore certain decrees in the
      Bible that they want to ignore. Perhaps some of these are binge-eating
      out of guilt because their gay children have committed suicide. I can
      cite more examples, this is not the only one.

      Leave the gays alone - and do not deny them the same rights and
      privileges you all share.

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