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  • huntrgathrer
    I wolud like to introduce a different topic for discussion. The ... and ... power ... days ... A ... only ... harm. ... to ... in which His return was to come
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2007
      I wolud like to introduce a different topic for discussion. The
      > following is a question put forth by someone on another discussion
      > forum I participate in:
      > Seventeen times the Synoptic authors reference "this generation" to
      > address people of their day:
      > > . Matt.11.16; 12.41; 23.36; 24.34
      > > . Mark.8.12; 13.30
      > > . Luke.7.31; 11.29-32,50; 17.25; 21.32.
      > >
      > > I believe it is unsound to appeal to apocalyptic passages of Mark
      > 13, Matthew 24, and Luke 21 as if they applied to a future
      > generation, rather than the one that was present at the time these
      > verses were written - that generation alive at the time, in the
      > first century.Why are modern believers using Mark 13, Matthew 24,
      > Luke 21 for an end-times theology when those passages contextually
      > only addressed the generation of the first century?
      > ---------------------------
      > My response to this post was as follows:
      > People like myself, that look for a future return of Christ in
      > and glory to rule and reign upon the earth,as is clearly stated in
      > the scriptures to be destined to occur,believe that the destruction
      > that ensued in 70 A.D. was merely a foreshadowing of the yet future
      > time that the Saviour described would exist, at the time of His
      > second coming, to take possession of this world. They were only a
      > partial fulfillment of His prophecies of what would occur prior to
      > the time when He was to return in the very Last Days to rule and
      > reign.
      > After the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. and the dispersion of
      > the Jews, it was prophicied that the nation of Isreal would be re-
      > established in the Last Days - and that, again, it would be
      > surrounded by a massive group who wish to destroy it.
      > I think we can all agree that, after the miraculous re-emmergance of
      > the modern nation of Isreal a few decades ago, in utter defiance of
      > the laws of probability or chance, and it's perilous position of
      > being surrounded by satanically inspired hords of radical Islamic
      > extremists who have vowed to destroy it, show that this "long term"
      > view of biblical phrophecy has great merit. What were the odds of
      > these things occuring?
      > It says in the Last Days that scoffers would be present saying in
      > essence, "Where is the Lord you said would return? Lo these many
      > have passed and he is not here!" we are cautioned against succombing
      > to these ignorant scoffers. God measures time differently than man.
      > day with the Lord is as 1000 years. By this reconing, Christ has
      > been absent from this world for 2 days - 2000 years.
      > I have no doubt that His literal physical return in power and glory
      > is going to occur in the not too distant future. We are told in the
      > scriptures to watch and wait for His return. It will not be possible
      > to mistake it, when it occurs - it will be the most incredible event
      > in all human history and will effect every living being, and the
      > world itsself.
      > He has not returned at this time, or we would now be living in the
      > times the scriptures clearly tell us will prevail after His return,
      > when righteousness will prevail and Satan will no longer hold sway
      > upon the hearts and minds of men. A time when all childern will grow
      > up in the the knowledge of the Lord and will live in peace. A time
      > when the very nature of the animals will be changed - when the lion
      > shall lay down with the lamb and there shall not be any that do
      > ---------------------------
      > So, my question to members of this group is, what is your reaction
      > these two different views of these scriptures? Were the writings
      > adressed to the believers of the Apostles' day, or to a later
      > generation of believers who would live near tro and/or in the days
      in which His return was to come about?
      > In Him,
      > HG
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