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  • Craig Allen Robinson
    Hello. I want to share a little of myself, with you. I was born and raised in Sumter, SC. I have lived here for 23.75 years, and 1 year in Decatur, GA. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19 6:38 PM
      Hello. I want to share a little of myself, with you.

      I was born and raised in Sumter, SC. I have lived here for 23.75
      years, and 1 year in Decatur, GA. It is not the best place to be,
      however, not the worst either. I have plans to move to Columbia, SC
      (the capitol), which is about 45 minutes away.

      I see business ownership as the only way to go, enabling one to
      completely control their future. I hate working for someone and
      have plans on creating residual income, by network marketing/sales.
      I have the desire to be able to, daily, expand business
      oppertunities with others, enabling them to have a better life on
      this earth, as well as evangelizing and promoting Christianity,
      everywhere I am able to go, throughout the world, without being
      restricted by lack of money.

      I am a workaholic who always likes to be active and productive,
      because it helpes me feel that I am making myself worthy. [I do
      believe in smart work over hard work.] I have the mindset of not
      waiting on anyone to do anything. As the military way of doing
      things, I believe when it is time to do something, it must be done
      with no hesitation. In life, especially with spirituality and other
      serious matters, I act as if I am the only one to accomplish and do
      things. I have a soul to account for and I cannot wait on the
      actions of others to accomplish anything. As a perfectionist, I
      will always try to do something to the best, or not at all, because
      I do not believe in half doing anything. I, as a male, am a very
      compassionate and emotional person. OTHER THAN MAKING IT TO HEAVEN,
      much like a computer's harddrive. Whatever we put in, we will get
      out. If we put in more negative, we will be more negative. If we
      put in more positive, we will be more positive. Whatever we see,
      read and hear will affect us. (Eventhough we cannot control
      everything at all times.) After seeing, reading and/or hearing
      something, it will play a major role upon our thoughts. Our thought
      process will later, determine our actions. Our actions will
      determine our consequences. To have a change in life, for
      improvement, people MUST change the way that they think.

      I am a conservative, but open minded person. How is that, some may
      ask? I am conservative with matters/ways pertaining to Sound
      Doctrine, and open minded in areas where we have the oppertunity to
      choose without being wrong. I have communicated with people from
      other countries and am interested in establishing
      associations/friendship with others outside the US. There is too
      much to explore to remain cooped up to people, ways and etc., only
      within my country/race/nationality/background and etc. VARIETY IS


      Craig Allen Robinson
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