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886RE: question for naturalist

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  • Robert Bowman
    May 5, 2005

      You wrote:

      << Can you PROVE conclusively that macro evolution happened? Can you prove
      the "big bang" happened? Based on basic scientific principles if the big
      bang did happen wouldent there have had to have been a catalyst? If so what
      was ITS catalyst? Simple, basic , established scientific principles and
      facts argue against you , yet you proclaim science as your god?I will never
      understand this perversion of the very religion you claim to follow simply
      to fit the egomaniacal desires of man. >>

      First, it is unclear to whom these questions and criticisms are directed.
      Your subject heading is "question for naturalist," but then you accuse
      someone of a "perversion of the very religion you claim to follow."

      Second, your post is hostile in tone, which is unacceptable here. If you
      wish to engage people in discussion, you may do so here, but you must show
      some common courtesy.

      In Christ's service,

      Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
      Center for Biblical Apologetics
      Online: http://www.biblicalapologetics.net
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