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884An Apology to the World

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  • Jeff Downs
    Apr 8, 2005
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      Those on this list might be interested in a FREE conference scheduled
      for June 4, 2005, 9am-2pm. Theme of the conference is "An Apology to
      the World" and featured speakers will be Kerry Gilliard, Ozzie Osgood
      and Jeff Downs.

      Conference Website is located here
      and there is also a brochure (Word doc) here
      <http://www.rctr.org/brochure.doc> that can be downloaded from the

      Please let others know about the conference. Any questions, direct
      them to me <jeff@...>.

      Jeff Downs
      Member - Calvary OPC, Middletown PA <http://www.calvaryopc.com>
      Resource Index/Blog, <http://www.rctr.org>