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5Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Preterism

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  • Jeremiah
    Mar 5, 2004
      Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think R.C. Sproul is a preterist (*not* a "full" preterist I hastily add :-).
      God bless,
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      Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 10:58 PM
      Subject: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Preterism


      Good question!

      Many non-Christians argue that the Bible is errant (and even that
      Jesus was errant) because the Gospels report Jesus predicting his
      return within a generation, a prediction that on a futurist reading
      of these eschatological statements would seem to be in error.
      Preterists for that reason conclude that straightening out our
      understanding of biblical eschatology is important for the defense
      of the Bible.

      I think they have a point. Furthermore, although I would reject a
      full-blown or thoroughgoing preterism (which sees everything in
      biblical prophecy as fulfilled by AD 70), I think there is some
      partial truth to a preterist reading of some of the Gospel
      eschatological statements. In my opinion Christians should be open
      to considering on a case by case basis whether particular statements
      in the Gospels refer to Christ's resurrection and exaltation, to the
      judgment on Jerusalem in AD 70, or to Christ's still future return
      in glory to resurrect humanity and judge the world.

      In Christ's service,
      Rob Bowman

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