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2832Monotheism does not require a finite deity

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  • William Mayor
    Apr 2, 2010
      Actually what you, Francis Schaffer and otehr theologians are doing is redefining terms so that there is not a conflict.  Infinite means unbounded, no boundaries.  As soon as you place an infinite God outside of creation you have placed boundaries on that God which is a contradiction until theoloogy races to the rescue to remove it.  This includes however, an assumption that you might wish to reconsider.  That is the assumption that science and theology must be different fields.  You force a situation where the life you lead outside of theology must contradict the beliefs you live by within theology.  This is not required by scripture, but is rather an assumption forced in by Greek thought.
      Now since you have placed God outside of the realms of science, this means that God can do things that are scientifically impossible, and you have no problems with that.  Likewise the perfectly sound explanations that science has for the problems of Sin, pain and death are not to be considered for theology.  The vary obvious faith that humans show in science is categorically different then the faith we are to have in God.  This in spite of the places in the New Testament where faith is clearly distinguished from intellectual assent, which is what the faith of theology appears to be. 
      Please remember that theology arose in a Greek setting, and the Greek belief system was pantheistic.  If you review ancient Canaanite, Egyptian or Greek theology you will find that all had a triune stage to God while acknowledging the unity of God, just as traditional theology does. 
      I would further challenge you, or anyone else in the forum, to explain how faith healing works for Christian believers without acknowledging that the same process works for non-Christian healers when science finds the same process at work for all.  Further, the process that science finds underlying all faith healings, regardless of outward theology, makes perfect sense. 

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