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2706Resurrection - of the body or the spirit-soul?

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  • Isa
    Jan 6, 2010
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      Hi, Rob and All:

      After studying seriously the Biblical nature of Death, I have come to raise questions on Resurrection for your comments and rebuttal. Let us discuss this issue thoroughly. I have, of course, arrived at a conclusion.

      Resurrection - The Raising of the Dead to Life.

      The question that we must first answer in relation to resurrection is what is to be raised from the dead to life?

      All Christian churches today believe that since it was the biological body that died in the Garden of Eden due to the sin of Adam and Eve, it must also be the biological body that needs to be resurrected by the power of God.

      But is that true? Did not the "pristine soul" - the true image or likeness of God which facilitated the perfect communication between God and sinless flesh - also "died" upon being "contaminated" by the envious, covetous, and willful "human spirit" which God allowed to be formed or dwell in man and eventually dominated the "human soul"?

      If this is not true, what led Cain to murder his own brother Abel? Or how then did evil flourish upon the earth so fast after the fall?

      Is not the unseen more real and eternal than what is seen? Is not the spirit-soul more important to God than the biological body whose very nature is mortal and whose mortality also leads to the "state of death" of the spirit-soul in Sheol?

      From my study, I conclude that what is in need of resurrection - which is an accomplished fact for those whose bodies have died before and since Jesus' parousia sometime in 70 AD and on-going for the living - is resurrection of the spirit-soul from a "state of death" fully conscious of his person and personality and embodied in heavenly substance, whatever that is, and defined in his/her human form at death, as was the resurrected Jesus -and not the resurrection of his/her dead biological body.

      In Service to the Lay People of God
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