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2416biblical apologetics or theological apologetics?

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  • eliadefollower
    Aug 25, 2009
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      I am new to thi sgroupd so maybe this point has already been raised, but the posts I have reviewed seem mote intent on attacking or defending theological stances that may or may not be biblical then clear biblical positions. I refer to "original sin", a concept developed by Augustine based on one specific understanding of the Bible, but not necessarily an accurate one, and "the Trinity", which again is a theological development which may or may not be correctly biblical.

      I agree that theological debates can be stimulating, but I would prefer issues that are clearly biblical. Might I suggest raising the often assumed but never proven point of just where was the Antioch referred to in Acts and Galatians. It is often claimed to have been Syrian Antioch, yet there is reasonably solid evidence that this might not have been the case, especially if Acts may be trusted in stating that the first missionary outreach to the gentiles was to Antioch.

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