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2401Re: Ayn Rand on Original Sin

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  • Heinz Schmitz
    Jul 3, 2009
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      --- In biblicalapologetics@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin Bywater" <kevinbywater@...> wrote:
      I placed the burden on you to show that Rand's caricature of the Christian take on original sin is accurate.

      Reply: Who said anything about Rand's "Christian take" on it?

      It seems that you should bear this burden since you first stated that she is correct. I'll patiently wait. Appropriate authorities, references, and proper nuances would be helpful.

      Reply: I had to chuckle after reading this. For instance, my characterization of your god will be far different than your emotional picture of him. I don't need to produce authorities, references, or "nuances", for my view of your god, and of original sin is simply a dispassionate and scientific assessment of it.
      If you can however isolate something that Rand wrote about OS that is completely fictional then we can discuss that. I just reread what she wrote, and as a Christian for 4 decades I can see no error. Perhaps you can help me.

      > I agree that, in general, our self-interest benefits not just ourselves. Nevertheless, you state that no one wants to articulate what they see as Rand's flaws. In my original post, I linked to an essay I wrote some years back. In that essay, I point up what I deem to be considerable, even fatal, flaws in Randian philosophy. So, if you'd care to read that piece and interact with it, I'd be happy to discuss it.
      > Cheers,
      > Kevin

      Reply: That was a 13 page essay. In the interest of time perhaps you can isolate as well a mistake of Rand's that you mentioned in that essay.

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