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2397Re: Ayn Rand on Original Sin

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  • Heinz Schmitz
    Jul 2, 2009
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      --- In biblicalapologetics@yahoogroups.com, tcmadd2@... wrote:
      > Heinz,
      > 1. Regarding Stossel, I have read one of his books and seen several of his tv programs.? He does good work but it has the same flaw Rand's does.? He makes moral pronouncements on the basis of his personal opinion. If personal opinion is the source of all morality then all moral choices are equal. Albert Schweitzer and Adolf Hitler are moral equals. IMHO, this is the fatal flaw of Libertarianism.

      Reply: Personal opinion is not the moral philosophy of Libertarianism. Maybe your freedom to hold those opinions is one aspect of it, but it is not the whole of it.

      > 2. Rand's argument against OS, religion, collectivism or whatever is at root a moral argument. If serving God is "as bad as serving the state", then one should not do it because it is "bad".? Calling something bad is a moral??judgement,?therefore her argument is a moral one. Presuming to pronounce moral standards for all men is playing God, which is what she was doing.

      Reply: I suppose in a sense she was. Giving your life and mind over to the State and your Church is the reduction of man, I personally would rather see man step out on his own and face his problems on his own. I want strength of character, not meek sheep that religion and the State wants.

      > 3. Man is not born with a moral list. However, we are all born with a moral sense. Hence, morality is a universal human phenomena. We differ from one another in some details, but the area of agreement is far larger than the differences.

      Reply: Thank you. You are the first Christian that has admitted that morality is innate.

      > 4. Chesterton was not trying to prove the doctrine of OS.? He was pointing out that evil is undeniable and universally acknowledged.

      Reply: He made the leap to Adamic sin though, and that is where he is wrong.
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