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  • Patrick Navas
    Aug 6, 2008
      I'm definitely not worthy of being a mentor. I'm more of a Bible student than a Bible teacher.
      Check out this paper on the Gospel (attached) if you get a chance...
      Best wishes,
      Patrick Navas

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      From: markcevallos <markcevallos@...>
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      Sent: Monday, August 4, 2008 8:16:53 PM
      Subject: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Hades shall not prevail

      I appreciate your reply Mr. Navas, and I will always remember not
      to dwell so much on the terms Protestant or Catholic, to the point of
      missing the real essence of being a Christian. Indeed the followers of
      Christ, must be called for what they are, christians, not based on
      their denominational affiliations, but in some situations it is
      necessarry to identify the differences, especially in doctrinal areas.
      In the same way that it is necessarry to differentiate between men and
      women, although both can be simply called humans. But don't get me
      wrong, I do share what you said, in fact, I can count on the fingers
      of one hand how many times I've called myself "protestant. " In fact, I
      believe that many catholics are christians, and many protestants are
      non-christians (this is an understatement. ) Furthermore, it was a
      catholic group that was instrumental for me hearing "THE Gospel."
      However, can I explain where my question was coming from? I
      sincerely seek an answer. But first let me respond to how you used the
      term tradition. You've used it referring to killings and tortures of
      "heretics." certainly these are not traditions, and I never refered to
      them as such. Traditions are those that were passed on to us from the
      past, that, to the "catholic" church's view ( I'm sorry, I cannot
      avoid it) the observance of which,are necessarry to salvation. This is
      expressed in dogmas and ex cathedras, etc.
      I would also clear something out. I have talked to American
      christians, and they see my view of catholicism as offensive.
      Especially when I mention how the Ronman Church has gone a long way
      out of authentic christianity. Now, I understand that while saying
      this, any american reader woyuld think that I am being very critical
      of the Roman Church. The reaction is valid if they unnderstand where
      the criticism comes from. Catholicism in North America is very
      differetn from what it is here, in thirld world countries, especially
      in the Philippines and Latin America. I wish you lived my life, grew
      in a catholic family, been active inside the institution and studied
      its theology the way I did. In the states, many christians consider
      catholicism as just another denomination, here its different. It
      socially persecutes non catholic churches here. Here, evangelicals are
      considered cults. In strongly catholic towns, treat non-catholics as
      if we have leprosy( forgive my language, but I cannot underemphasize
      the point) Catholics simply needs to be evangelized. For short, when a
      non American talks about Catholicism, American christians should
      adjust their lenses, to understand the issue presented. I hope this
      has been helpful.
      Please look at my previous question that way, and although I got
      much encouragement and insight from your message, it did not answer my
      question. I joined this group to effectively share the gospel to
      people in my university, many of them athiest and most of them
      Catholics (I hope you now see the term, the way I do).
      I know I now have the priviliege of learning from you Mr. Navas.
      Since I am a young christian, can I express my desire to make you one
      of my mentors in the Christian walk?
      Glory and honor to our Ultimate Mentor!


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