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1941specific walter martin lecture?

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  • Dave Wave
    Apr 5, 2008
      I've been trying to locate a specific speech Walter
      Martin gave, entitled "Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus
      Christ, and the Holy Trinity." A friend gave me this
      tape when I was a trinity-denying Christian, and his
      powerful message turned me back to orthodoxy again.

      It is a different lecture from the one posted at

      His first words in this specific lecture that I am
      trying to locate, are:

      "Tonight we are going to be studying a subject which a
      great many of you are interested in because you're
      here, and that's the subject of Jehovah's Witnesses,
      Jesus Christ, and the Holy Trinity. The Watchtower
      Bible and Tract Society came into existence through
      Charles Taze Russel, who was a haberdasher in
      Allegheny Pennsylvania. Russel, in the 1870's, started
      promoting the idea that the Trinity is not Christian,
      that hell did not exist. In fact, he gained the
      reputation as the man who turned the hose on hell, and
      a great many people liked the idea, because hell is an
      uncomfortable thought, and people were not to worry
      about it, it was a place of rest, in hope."

      The specific lecture has been subtitled "Martin at
      Calvary Chapel", and I would guess it was given
      between 1973-74, as near the end, he mentions that he
      is moving the ministry, and required assistence of
      editors and writers, and says "we already have 4
      offers in southern california, and one in northern

      Martin also mentions the humerous point that
      Rutherford purchased a grand house under the pretext
      of expecting Abe, Isaac and Jacob:

      "Rutherford purchased a house called beth sarim, the
      house of princes, and he moved in....expecting Abraham
      Isaac and Jacob, no doubt. When Jehovah's Witnesses
      started complaining that he was living in beronial
      splendor, he said he was only the groundskeeper,
      taking care of the place until Abraham Isaac and Jacob
      get back. They didn't come, so he sold it. There's a
      chinese man who lives there now, and he's sick to
      death of people knocking on the door and asking if
      Abraham, Isaac and Jacob live there."

      This specific speech is very hard to locate, and I
      don't think it is the same one that you guys have had
      in your listening library with a similar title.

      (I supply the above excerpts from memory)

      I disagree with CRI for their minimizing Walter and
      magnifying Hank above the hosts of heaven. I loved
      Walter Martin and his messages. I wish I would have
      saved all those tapes I bought from CRI back in
      1992-1993, most of which are not offered at his
      daughter's online library.

      If you don't know where this lecture might be located,
      could you suggest emails or websites of other people
      who have collections of walter martin audio.


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