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1921Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Identifying a Cult?

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  • Paul Leonard
    Feb 15, 2008
      Yep, that is the problem. It is why I do not use the word at all. Rather than being used properly today it is used as a pejorative.

      kevinstubbings <low.rate.fast.closing@...> wrote:
      An interesting idea: so that means that you identifying the identifier
      means you are identified. figuritivelly speaking of course...

      --- In biblicalapologetics @yahoogroups. com, Paul Leonard
      <anotherpaul2001@ ...> wrote:
      > I find that the cult is usually the one calling someone else a "cult."
      > wglmp <mtillman@.. .> wrote:
      > B) Is there another 'sign' of a 'cult' on the above that YOU find
      > questionable?
      > M Tillman

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