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1850Re: God incarnate

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  • Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
    Jan 11, 2008

      You wrote:

      << Your answer speaks of his knowing when he was "Gods Son", in a
      unique way and I agree with his knowing such by his baptism at the
      latest. However that is not really the question.

      When did he know he was "God incarnate", which is different thing?

      That is the specific point being inquired about. >>

      Ah, well, that's the issue, isn't it? When you say that Jesus
      is "God's Son," you mean that he is the first creature that God made;
      when I say that Jesus is "God's Son," I mean that he is the eternal,
      infinite, divine Son, equally God with the Father.

      I could ask you similarly specific questions, such as, When did Jesus
      know that he was formerly Michael the archangel? Or, When did Jesus
      know that he had been created as the first and greatest of God's
      spirit sons?

      You asked:

      << As a side point; When do wee find him clearly speaking of this? >>

      See above.

      In Christ's service,
      Rob Bowman
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