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1836Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Hegesippus's report on James the Just

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  • mtillman@ec.rr.com
    Dec 22, 2007
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      ---- Dave Wave <empiricism101@...> wrote:
      --- In biblicalapologetics@yahoogroups.com, Dave
      > Wave wrote:
      >> I provided Epiphanius's comments that James COULD hold the priesthood because he was within the levitical line and of different parentage than Jesus.<<

      Then he wasn’t the son of Joseph the carpenter, because Joseph was a descendant of Judah. The New Testament says that Joseph was also not the father of Jesus, now you’re saying he was not the father of James, either? Just how many people did Mary get to father her children?

      >> There are plenty of scholars who believe that the radical skeptical position that there was no historical Jesus DID die stillborn.<<

      Then why does the question survive? If there is such evidence, where is the evidence Jesus lived?

      >> Don't you realize the futility of the fallacy of argument from authority?<<

      No. I don’t know what the expression means.

      >> There will always be scholars I can cite who disagree with your scholars, so let's just give up appealing to scholars and deal with the evidence ourselves.<<

      Then we cannot trust any evidence, because of the chain of possession of said “evidence” runs thru the hands of somebody‘s “scholars.” The only thing you know is what YOU see, and not what you read, nor what you hear from somebody else. You are your own world, and that‘s all of the world you know. If you have never been to the Ukraine, you cannot know there is such a place, unless you trust a scholar who tells you they have been there.
      Or am I misunderstanding you?

      >> I personally don't trust too much in the Christian sources, but I try to grant general reliability for the purpose of facilitating discussion.<<

      I’ll do that to a point, too.

      >> I agree with you that it's [Epiphanius] not trustworthy.<<

      Good. There's common ground. Now, if we can decide on some scholars we both can trust, or if you can explain what I'm misunderstanding in a way that helps me understand, we can make some more progress.
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